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Kylie Style Lash Extension

There are quite a few ways to build up, but most girls want to get a natural and natural effect. One of the most natural eyelash extension methods is the Kylie Jenner method.

The essence of this method is that the cilia are built up of different lengths and the line of the ciliary row is uneven and airy-careless. Artificial eyelashes are glued to each of its hairs so that through a certain number of short hairs a ray of light from the minimally opened bundle of longer eyelashes "shoots".

Kylie's eyelashes give off the feeling of a partial extension, although it is complete. After the procedure, there is no overhanging effect and severity of the ciliary row. For extension, eyelashes are selected taking into account the length, curvature and volume of natural eyelashes.

Who is recommended for Kylie effect eyelashes?

Fashionable and natural eyelashes suit almost everyone. They look natural on any type of face and eye shape, because this method does not change, but only emphasizes the natural shape.

The most advantageous spectacular build-up looks at:

  • almond-shaped eyes. Kylie's eyelashes will emphasize the beauty of the shape of the eye, making the look deeper and more penetrating;
  • eyes with a drooping eyelid, cilia of different lengths successfully mask it;
  • large round eyes. Framed by Kylie effect lashes, they will look more elongated;
  • wide-set eyes visually enlarge and open wide.

The following volumes are used to create the Kylie effect on the lashes


With her, one artificial eyelash is glued to each of its own eyelashes. This creates the most natural look possible.


The effect, with it, 2 artificial hairs are attached to each of your eyelashes. This is the most commonly used technique for Kylie's eyelashes. With the help of it, the eyes acquire expressiveness, eyelashes - additional volume, density and color, without losing their naturalness and naturalness. It is suitable for those girls who choose eyelash extensions as a replacement for daily makeup.


The effect, with it, 3 artificial hairs are attached to each eyelash. The eyelashes are voluminous and fluffy. Leshmaker takes into account the natural curl and density of eyelashesand selects artificial ones so that the build-up looks as natural as possible, while the look becomes expressive and seductive. With this extension, the correction is carried out every 2 weeks due to the additional weighting of the eyelashes.

Colored eyelashes can be used to create an unusual bright image. Also, Kylie's method is often combined with puppet and fox effects.

Pros of Kylie Jenner Eyelash Extension Effect

  • Increase the thickness and length of eyelashes.
  • Making the look more expressive and open.
  • Duration of use.
  • Saving time for makeup / makeup remover.
  • Maintaining the effect of naturalness, which makes it possible to use the resulting image in everyday life.


  • Individual intolerance to the materials used for building.
  • The need for correction every 2-4 weeks, depending on individual characteristics.
  • The need for proper care - you cannot use fat-based cosmetics, they destroy the adhesive layer on which the cilia are attached. Do not rub your eyes with your hands and sleep with your face in the pillow, as creases may appear on the eyelashes.
  • Do not wet your eyes for 24 hours after the procedure, two people - visit the pool, sauna.
  • Girls who wear contact lenses should remember that their eyelashes will need to be corrected more often.

Eyelash extensions with the Kylie Jenner effect are rightfully popular all over the world. It suits almost all girls, helps to make the look bright and expressive, without losing the natural beauty of the eyelashes and without overloading the eyelash line.

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