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Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Daring, yet so feminine short haircuts are certainly practical and convenient. But is it possible to style short hair for a wedding ceremony? Hair professionals and stylists claim in unison that you can look impeccable at your wedding ceremony no matter how long your hair is. That’s why we want to share with you the best ideas of wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Wedding Hairstyles for Short Hair

Festive hairstyles are meant to be exquisite and romantic. To style your short hair in this way, you can use various features of the most popular styles:


It’s all about slicked locks, smooth lines, moderate volume without a hint of frivolity or messiness.


Romantic curls such as Hollywood waves, cascade curls, eye-catching finger waves can emphasize the tenderness and elegance of the bride.


Wedding hairdos for short hair reflect women’s nature through ‘wet’ waves of the 1930s or messy hairstyles with an emphasis on a cascading haircut in the style of the 1980s.


Even though the choice of minimalist hairstyles is quite limited, they can accentuate the most standout elements.

Hair professionals use a tailored approach to every client when it comes to short hairdos for weddings. This approach enables them to take into account all peculiarities of appearance, successfully conceal imperfections and highlight merits.

  • Beautifully styled bangs can perfectly cover a high forehead;
  • Thin and limp hair can look healthy and voluminous in cascading haircuts with asymmetrical tips and properly matched coloring;
  • Graduated haircuts, combined variants (bob cut, pixie undercut) perfectly disguise protruding ears, flatter the shape of the skull.

Short wedding hairstyles feature a whole set of different elements, which, if properly chosen, allows you to look your best on the wedding day and to make other people say “Wow!”.  Let's explore the bright and eye-catching options offered by top hair stylists.

Short Wedding Hairstyles with Decorations

Bridal hairdos for short hair are inconceivable without accents. This can be a scattering of rhinestones or rhinestone ribbons glued to the hair strands, elegant headbands, headbands embroidered with semi-precious gems and beads, decorative bobby pins, or wire sprigs with beads. To create a flawless look, choose decorative elements taking into account the main color scheme and the chosen style of the wedding outfit.


Bobby pins, hair clips, combs, sprigs with floral details are always in. Floral decorative elements go great in combination with embroidery, lace, or a light veil. Blondes are recommended to pay attention to the shade of the decorative element as it should not be of the same color as the hair. The perfect choice will be pastel shades (light pink or peach).


Professionals successfully do braided wedding hairstyles on short hair. All known methods of braiding are used: French braids, fishtail braids, side cornrows, multiple strand and crown braids, spiral braids, and waterfall braids. Eye-catching hairstyles will perfectly complement delicate bridal attire, especially in combination with shimmering accents: decorative bobby pins, nets, or hair clips.


Glamour is a must for your festive outfit. Wedding hairstyles for short hair are perfectly complemented by elegant headbands, tiaras, floral wreaths, and attractive ties.  Matching jewelry with rhinestones, pearl beads will complete your outfit.

Hair Clips

A wonderful way to decorate short hair is to use eye-catching hair clips. With their help, you can fix side strands, decorate a bun, or highlight braids. It is necessary for a decorative element to match earrings or other jewelry so that you can look stunning. A hairclip that is used to secure the hairstyle is supposed to harmonize with the outfit rather than strike a discordant note.

There is no need to rush when it comes to choosing a short wedding hairstyle. You can find a lot of interesting ideas on how to experiment with styles in our photo gallery. Beautifully styled short hair will complete the festive outfit and allow you to shine at the wedding.

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