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Hairstyles with Bangs

Hairstyles for any hair length in combination with bangs give a lot of freedom for experimenting with your image. Bangs enable you to renew your look almost every single day. Do you need proof? We are excited to show you plenty of amazing ideas on how to freshen up your casual, business or festive outfits with style.

Choosing a hairstyle with bangs depending on the occasion

Well-chosen bangs can make for a completely new look, elevate your image and even take off some years. Shortened strands on the forehead carry out the most essential mission – they hide all imperfections and at the same time beautifully highlight merits of the appearance.

All types of bangs can be incorporated in a hairstyle in an interesting way. Their relevance in any outfit is undeniable. What kind of haircut you have at the moment doesn’t matter as the main thing is that all elements of the image match beautifully, including your hairstyle, bangs, clothes, and accessories.

Wedding hairstyles with bangs

It’s better when a hair professional pitches in creating your glamorous wedding look. The thing is that short strands are quite riotous when it comes to matching your bangs with the style of the dress.

A combination of bangs and a classic or messy bun, large curls, voluminous braids will make other people be enchanted by you. Smooth hairstyles with teased hair, such as seashell knots, spiral braids, and beehive buns, go with asymmetrical, straight, and elongated bangs. A tiara, a beautiful comb with beads, charming hair pins and clips will add a special splendor to your look.

Evening hairstyles with braids

The festive dress code has no limits for fashionistas when it comes to choosing a hairstyle. Tight curls, spectacular buns, stylish braids, retro hairstyles make a perfect duo with side-swept or cascading bangs. It’s up to you whether you want your hair combed smoothly or ruffled carelessly. Use high-quality fixation products (with or without glitter), but make sure that they do not have the effect of stickiness and visual heaviness.

Short haircuts are worth special attention. Bright makeup and heavy jewelry for ears and hands are a must. Such expressive accents will balance out the look, and bangs will add a slight touch of insolence to your look.

Casual hairstyles with bangs

There is no way a slight hint of carelessness and lightness of a hairstyle will be out of style. Smooth, wavy and teased ponytails as well as beach curls, various buns, ‘horns’, curls pinned on the sides, all kinds of complex braids are always among the most favorite hairstyle choices. By the way, rigid hairstyles with bangs that look like the hair is glued together are not welcome. The emphasis is made on healthy, vibrant hair, so don't overdo it with styling. It’s better to add some accessories: hair clips, rubber bands, scrunches, headbands, etc.

Bangs with different hair length

To ring the changes to your casual look, try a mesmerizing combination – a hairstyle with bangs. Haircuts of different lengths allow you to:

  • experiment with hairstyles, starting from neat sleek ones to a creative mess;
  • play with options for styling bangs.

Hair professionals claim in unison that trimmed strands go perfectly with any hairstyle, changing its proportions and shape. If you want to get another hairstyle masterpiece in the morning, it is enough to spare a while to work on the bangs thoroughly. However, the result, of course, depends on its length and thickness.

For short hair

Ultra-short and short haircuts with elongated top and front strands allow you to change the look in the blink of an eye by experimenting with bangs. Lay the bangs on one side, curl or backcomb them a little and you’ll get a romantic and fancy look. Comb the strands to the side, to the back and lift them up — and a stylish look with an admixture of extravagance is ready.

Any styling method is good for everyday life. Be sure to use fixation products in small amounts. Feel free to tint a few strands in vibrant colors to add a touch of flamboyance to your look.

For medium hair 

A shoulder-length bob, a cascade and other similar haircuts make it possible to experiment with hair and bangs styling. Straight trimmed strands look beautifully in a hairdo with elongated or slightly curled hair, arranged in trendy buns or styled into voluminous braids. Texturizing spray will only enhance the beauty of your haircut. However, afro-curls and Hollywood curls are certainly better for curly bangs.

For long hair

Long locks allow you to bring any ideas to life. Bangs make a perfect duo with a trendy cascade, romantic shaggy or vintage layered or straight haircuts. It’s important to make bangs flatter your face shape. Keep in mind that the main goal of bangs is to balance out proportions, bring out the eyes, and add elegance to your look.

Trendy hairstyles with bangs

We are always eager to try something new, to bring brightness, enthusiasm, or, on the contrary, simple restraint to our look. A quick transformation that doesn’t require time and money is the benefit of bangs. A well-chosen shape flatters the appearance, making it more elegant and sophisticated.


Light beach waves do not look like a time-consuming hairstyle. Their deliberate messiness symbolizes a romantic mood, which is very popular with many fashionistas. Waves in combination with bangs will help you to hit on the trends of this year.


Retro buns, messy and Greek buns have become indispensable parts of business, festive and casual outfits. Asymmetrical and elongated bangs not only complement them, but also add charm and expressiveness to your look.


Spend some time to style your bangs to make them look decent when paired with voluminous curls. Try to treat them with delicacy, as curled cropped strands should not strike a discordant note to the hairstyle or create a sharp transition. By the way, do not forget to use hairspray to make your hairdo more long-lasting.


A ponytail is a great hairstyle for work, leisure, and even a party. Elongated or straight bangs will complement the haircut beautifully, and cute curls with short bangs will look glamorous and sophisticated.

Hairstyles with bangs for men

Almost all on-trend men's haircuts have one prominent detail in common – and it’s elongated bangs.

Straight bangs create a business image of a calm, self-confident person. Textured options with a pronounced graduation are often chosen by ingenious men striving for self-expression.

Such trendy haircuts with bangs as a half box haircut, Canadian haircut, undercut, pompadour, tomboy, and bob are especially popular. All types of hairstyles allow you to style your bangs in a classic way, comb them back, form a Mohawk or style your hair to one side. Some offbeat options include braided bangs or bangs put up in a ponytail.

Bangs add novelty and originality to beautiful and fashionable hairstyles. Draw some inspiration from the ideas showcased on our website and go ahead – plenty of bold concepts and fresh solutions are waiting for you.


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