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Hairstyles for School

Every mother of a teenage school kid knows for sure what the problem of choosing a daily hairstyle for school is, because it is both the completion of the look and a sign of neatness. Often it is the hairstyle that shows the personality of adolescents and distinguishes them from classmates. Choose a hairstyle on our website, where we have collected the work of stylists from all over the world in one place.

Meanwhile, hairstylists recommend sticking to several rules and hairstyle recommendations, depending on their age.

Primary School Girls’ Hairstyles

  • For the girls of primary school age, the main requirement for everyday hairstyle is the amount time spent on its creation, as well as proper fixation and safety. But why is that?
  • In fact, the girls of this age are very restless, so in the morning it is impossible to fiddle with their hair for a long time. Therefore, choose a simple option that requires a minimum of time.
  • Planning a hairstyle in the evening will help you save time: tell your daughter that you will braid her tomorrow, and if she agrees, prepare all the necessary combs and hairpins in advance.
  • In the morning, whatever hairstyle you choose, try to fix it as tightly as possible. Again, this is due to the excessive activity of kids at this age: they run, jump, and pull each other by the hair all the time.
  • For those who do not want to waste time on choosing and doing hairstyles in the morning, we can recommend switching to a short haircut with bangs.

Hairstyles for Secondary & High School Girls

  • Everything is more or less clear when it comes to hairstyles for the girls of primary school age, since it’s not so much of their choice. But things are a little more difficult with older girls. That’s because, they are already comparing themselves to their friends, they are staring at boys and, what’s natural, want to look their best.
  • Therefore, be sure to take the wishes of your kid into account, regardless of whether they’re choosing the type of braids they want to weave today, or a new extravagant haircut.

In any case, various types of braiding, a hair bow, a bun (one or more), and their combinations, as well as a classic ponytail decorated with a beautiful elastic band or a hairpin, will always look advantageous at school.


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