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Bob Cut Hairstyles Without Bangs

Popular hairstyles on a square without bangs - life hacks from stylists

A beautiful square without bangs in itself looks very impressive and fashionable. But one and the same image becomes boring day after day, and a natural desire arises to change something in appearance. Stylists offer some interesting options to experiment with look and style.


For a square to the shoulders without bangs, such a hairstyle is one of the optimal solutions for every day or in situations where a minimum of time is allotted for styling. Here you can give free rein to imagination - the bundle is offered in a variety of variations.

With a casual effect

Hair is pre-combed, after which they are collected with your fingers in a tail, which is twisted into a bun. Due to the short length of the strands, they are poorly fixed with hairpins, so they prefer transparent elastic bands and invisibility. The highlight of the image is the hairs knocking out of the bun, creating a disheveled effect. They should not be hidden, fashion trends only welcome slight negligence.

Bundle and Loose Strands

One of the popular bob hairstyles without bangs is relevant for both curly and straight hair. It is done according to the following scheme:

the upper strands are separated from the bulk of the hair, without affecting the curls of the temporal and occipital zone;

they form a loose bun from the separated hair, securing it with a thin elastic band.

This trendy look is especially suitable for young girls - a bun in combination with loose curls creates the effect of lightness, playfulness.

Beam with lengthening

This hairstyle is suitable for girls with a round face who want to visually lengthen it. The peculiarity of its creation is as follows:

apply a modeling agent to clean, slightly dried strands;

long strands are separated from the sides, pinning them at the crown;

all occipital strands are curled with a small curling iron, forming obedient curls;

a careless bun is made of curls, fixing it with a transparent elastic band or hairpins;

go to the side strands, winding them with a large curling iron and then dividing them into thin curled curls.


For a square without bangs, hairstyles with waves are created, spending a minimum of time and effort. Of course, sleeping on curlers with short curls is far from an option, so styling products and special equipment come to the rescue - a curling ironor an iron.

Curls are best done not too small, but not too voluminous. In the first case, a shoulder-length hairstyle without bangs can resemble a lion's mane, nullifying all attempts to enhance femininity. Large curls on short strands do not last long even when they are fixed with special means, and as a result, the hairstyle takes on a sloppy look.

The best photos of bob hairstyles without bangs with beautiful flowing waves are the result of curling with a medium curling iron or iron (flagella technique).



An elegant shoulder-length hairstyle without bangs is easy to create with your own hands and is suitable for both a strict office style and for a walk or a festive event. It all depends on reading it and adding accessories.

In the classic version, the malvinka is made by separating the side strands and collecting them at the back of the head, followed by fastening with an elastic band or hairpins.

You can choose to style with increased volume at the crown.

To create it, not only the side curls are selected, but all the upper strands and combed slightly, after which they are collected into one whole, fixed on the crown with invisible ones.

The bulk of the hair, which in a bob cut can be straight or with an oblique cut line, can be left straight or slightly curled with a curling iron. Hairstyles look completely different, thanks to which one and the same image, but with a new arrangement of accents, favorably suits the everyday style and the evening look.


The original youth hairstyle on the basis of a bob is another reading of the bun. The horns are nothing more than two buns, in which all the hair or only the upper part of it is collected.

To create a bold styling, the curls are divided in half using a central parting, after which they begin to form bundles. They are fixed at the same distance from the crown by means of transparent elastic bands and invisibility. For more safety, you can spray your hair with varnish.

It is noteworthy that after opening the horns, beautiful symmetrically located waves appear to the eye, so the hairstyle gives a tangible bonus if you need to dramatically change the image.

Hairstyle on a square without bangs - features of an evening and everyday look

Photos of bob hairstyles without bangs allow you to appreciate how versatile everyday and evening looks can be, even with minimalhair length.

Every day

Everyday hairstyles for short hair is one of the easy tasks. You can choose one of the above options in the form of a multifaceted bunch, a malvinka, or limit yourself to a laconic, but always relevant low tail, which the owners of an elongated bob can assemble without any problems.

The simplest everyday solution for naturally straight strands is to add volume to straight hair. They are simply dried with a brush and a diffuser, after which the top strands are lightly combed and styled into the main hairstyle.

A voluminous hairstyle with a ponytail will help to make the image modern and youthful, which is first fixed with an elastic band, and then wrapped with its own strand, securing it under the collected curls with invisibility. The original reading of the voluminous tail is disheveled styling. It is made on the basis of the usual high ponytail, which is then given a casual look, slightly “fluffing up” the loose curls and strands that have entered the hairstyle with your fingers.

For a wedding

Brides with a bob haircut without bangs will have a variety of styling with curls. They will make the image not only solemn and luxurious, but also incredibly feminine and romantic. Curls are done in various ways. To achieve a professional salon look, you can use the following stylists' recommendations:

hair is pre-washed and dried with a towel;

heat protection is applied to the strands and begins drying with a hairdryer, while pulling the hair with a brush;

after the next application of thermal protection, they proceed to creating curls with a curling iron with a nozzle of medium thickness;

when all the hair is curled, they are styled with your fingers, slightly straightening;

in the end, you can sprinkle the curls with varnish for a secure hold.

Before fixing the curls with a fixing agent, you can model the hairstyle by laying it on one side, pinning the side strands with invisible ones or making an elegant malvinka. Various decorations are relevant - decorative hairpins, combs, headbands.

At the prom

Like wedding styling, prom looks should reflect the solemnity of the event. In addition to the options described above, stylists advise paying attention to girly gentle hairstyles on a square without bangs:

In Greek style.

With a minimum length of curls, hair stylingstart by twisting them with a curling iron or iron to add additional volume. At the next stage, a bandage is fixed on the head with invisible strands, wrapping around its lower part with strands. The curls wrapped under the fabric are fixed with hairpins. Along the contour, the hair is decorated with hairpins with stones, beads, flowers.

With braided headband.

You can decorate a shoulder-length hairstyle without bangs with an original braided braid. To make an elegant natural headband, the hair is divided into two parts with a side parting, on one side of which, along the forehead line, a weave-spike is formed, completing it behind the ear.

Similarly, the hair is braided from the opposite side, fixing both braids under the upper strands with invisibility.

This hairstyle allows the use of any decor - from shining stones combs, miniature tiaras to single hairpins with beads or stones.

Kare is absolutely not a reason to follow a single hairstyle. Stylists suggest experimenting with the image, presenting yourself in a new light only through the original styling. Of course, working with short strands requires practically "jewelry" possession of the technique of creating styling, especially when it comes to curls. Therefore, it is better to entrust the festive look to professionals in their field, getting an effective finishing accent in the form of a trendy hairstyle.

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