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Hairstyles with Kanekalon

Kanekalon hairstyles are a great option for fashion lovers who do not want to subject their hair to coloring, and want to change the image, making it brighter and more attractive. 

Kanekalon is a high-quality synthetic material that resembles natural hair. It is perfectly amenable to any curling and heat treatment. Synthetic fibers are particularly durable, do not get tangled and easy to brush.

Kanekalon Hairstyles for Girls

The material is suitable for any woman if it is chosen properly. It will help to highlight the merits of appearance as well as to create a gentle and natural look.

Kanekalon hair comes in a range of colors – you can redefine your style completely or choose a shade of fiber that is close to your natural hair color. Bright neon shades, coral, blue, pink, purple, turquoise are in trend nowadays.

There is no age limit for women when it comes to hairstyles with synthetic fibers, however, they look more fitting on young women. At a young age you can be reckless, open to experiments with the image, unpredictable and enigmatic, however, it doesn’t mean that mature ladies can’t sport impeccable hairstyles with synthetic fibers. It’s not a problem for experienced hairstylists to choose the right color scheme to create a luxurious look.

Beautiful hairstyles with kanekalon can add fun to your daily routine or become an essential part of a festive outfit.

Children’s Hairstyles with Kanekalon

Colorful strands look especially attractive on children’s hair. They are a good choice when you want to accentuate the style and stand out among your friends. Colorful strands can easily solve the problem of the girls who can’t stand styling their hair themselves as they can just entrust everything to professionals who will do their hair perfectly.

Rainbow shades are perfect for girls. The most trendy and edgy colors are considered to be pink and turquoise. You can weave several colors into your hair at the same time – any color suits young fashionistas.

All artificial materials have both advantages and disadvantages and kanekalon is not an exception.

The advantages are as follows:

  • Increases the length of the hair. If a girl’s hair is short, it can be easily lengthened with the help of artificial material.
  • Adds volume. Kanekalon is a salvation for thin hair.

A hairstyle looks extraordinary and spotless, artificial elements don’t irritate the skin and cause any harm to the organism.

As for disadvantages, the strands can start to fade over time and tight braiding can cause damage to the hair, that’s why it’s better to do this hairstyle for one day only. Moreover, some schools do not allow bright hair color, preferring to stick to the business style.

It is better to use colorful fibers in the summertime. It is beautiful and comfortable, plus there is no need to hide your hair under a headgear.

Kanekalon Hairstyles for Different Hair Length

Colored fiber can be used on hair of different length, but keep in mind that it is not always possible to make a sophisticated hairstyle yourself. Therefore, you will need to turn to a professional.

For Short Hair

If your hair is short, using the material can be challenging, yet manageable. Kanekalon can help women to increase their hair length and create a completely new image. Colored threads can easily be woven into natural locks to make it thicker and longer.

For Long Hair

Kanekalon hairstyles on long hair look impressive. A luxurious hairdo allows you to experiment freely and helps to satisfy your itch for a makeover. It’s up to long-haired beauties to decide what thickness and way of weaving to choose.

Popular Kanekalon Hairstyles

Hair stylists amaze us with plenty of ideas regarding kanekalon hairstyles that can match any outfit and brighten up our lives.


A ‘waterfall’ with kanekalon looks fabulous and eye-catching. To style your hair in such a way, you should start braiding from the top of the head, gradually adding colorful artificial curls. The ‘waterfall’ is great for short, medium and long hair. In addition to the kanekalon, you can weave additional accessories into the braids like beads or glitter or adorn the hair with beautiful hair clips.

Afro Braids

The hairstyle is hot in trend. Afro braids are often complemented with artificial strands to make hair longer and more detailed. This option is ideal in the summer for the beach and vacation.

Boxer Braids

The technique of boxer braids makes your hair look intentionally messy, moreover it is well suited for short hair styling. Usually, boxer braids feature two or four intertwined braids. Material of different colors is woven at the roots or after 2-4 weaves. Boxer braids are meant to complement casual or sport outfits.


A kanekalon ponytail looks gorgeous on girls with long hair. You can simply gather the hair high on the top of the head with braids up to the earlobe. The material with gradient transitions is perfect for this hairdo.

The use of synthetic strands is one of the ways to emerge from the shadows and express your individuality. Kanekalon hairstyles can be a one-day hairdo, so you can change your image quite often. Or you can try different styles of braiding that last for several months.

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