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Girls’ Festive Hairstyles

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Festive hairstyles for girls that are gathered on website are created by professional stylists from all over the world. Such unusual hairstyles let little fashionistas feel like real princesses. Festive styling suits any children's outfit and can be done on both short and long hair. 

Festive Girls’ Hairstyles Trending In 2023 

  • A short haircut can be decorated with an elegant hair band that matches and the main color of the dress. Instead of ribbon, you can also use a headband decorated with rhinestones, glitter, bows and other accessories.
  • If your girl has gorgeous long hair, then there is room for inventions. To create a festive hairstyle, you can weave twists, ponytails, braids, and put them in charming compositions. Hairpins, clips and rubber bands are typically used to fix hairstyles for long hair. 
  • The ‘clover’ hairstyle is perfect to wear at school, and it can also be easily turned into festive by decorating it with accessories, flowers or pearls. Just don’t overdo this complex composition: although the hairstyle is supposed to be festive, it shouldn’t cause any inconvenience and discomfort for your girl. 
  • Pay attention to the photos - festive hairstyles should charge girls with positive energy and emotions, not only be fashionable and trendy, but suit your girl’s personal taste. Holidays and celebrations for children mean a lot of activity, dancing and playing sport games, and therefore the girl should feel comfortable and not worry about the spoiled image.


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