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Kids' Hairstyles

Kids’ hairstyles - it is impossible to resist the neat styling done on the little princess's hair. Today’s little fashion lovers want to look unique in order to attract attention and stand out among their peers. And luckily, there are tons of hairstyles for kids that can fulfill their desire to become incredibly charming and elegant ladies.

Kids’ hairstyles that you can see at are done by the best hairstylists from all around the world. Choose the look you like and the right hairstyle for your kid for everyday wear or a special occasion.

Features of Kids’ Hairstyles: Tips from Experienced Hairstylists

  • The structure of children's hair is very different from that of an adult: it is softer and thinner, and usually does not hold the desired shape well. Unlike the hair of an adult woman, children's hair needs more delicate handling, and therefore it is better not to use a hair straightener and a curler. Such tools can seriously damage the structure of the baby's hair.
  • Many parents believe that a kid's hairstyle for a holiday, especially a prom, should resemble an adult evening styling. However, this is a big mistake. In fact, complex styling and pretentious women's hairstyles look inappropriate and even ridiculous on children, and the use of a huge amount of chemicals can be harmful for the child's hair.
  • Children's hairstyles should not be fancy. When choosing a formal hairstyle option, it should be kept in mind that most children are quite hyper and various complex hairstyles will not be able to last long.
  • The chosen hairstyle should mainly satisfy the kid’s preferences and match the outfit. For example, long dresses don’t go well with ponytails and pigtails, and high hairstyles are not suitable for short dresses.
  • Various curls and intricate weavings appeal to many girls and look great with a variety of clothes. Stylists advise and recommend using old ways of hair curling before the upcoming event: using fabric ribbons or scarves, as well as tightly woven braids.

If you curl your hair using one of the above mentioned methods before going to bed, it will not interfere with your kid's sleep at all, just like some hard curlers would do. Beautiful curls can be decorated with a pair of shiny hairpins or bows, and then the festive mood filled with emotions will be guaranteed.

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