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Curly Hairstyles for Long Hair

Varieties of curls for long hair

An expressive or slightly noticeable wave on long hair is the best way to make your styling unique and effective. Small curls accentuate the playfulness and coquetry. Voluminous and natural curls will complement your femininity and grace. Curls never go out of style and are suitable for young girls and older women. Consider the most popular types of curls this season.


Voluminous and large curls are one of the most popular cheating methods. They are appropriate not only for a romantic date or a gala evening, but also will not look pretentious in a casual style. You can make curls both along the entire length and only on the ends of the hair. Take note: large curls suit most and visually make the hairstyle more voluminous.


Slightly disheveled and light curls have become an irreplaceable classic. Such curls will emphasize the femininity and tenderness of the personality. To perform them, nothing supernatural is needed - usually only an iron and a curling iron are used. Often this hairstyle is chosen by brides - the image is complemented with hairpins, a hoop or a tiara.


One of the practical and at the same time spectacular hairstyle options for every day and for a special occasion is casual curls. Their naturalness helps to make this style really versatile. You can add contouring to your hairstyle and make it brighter with wax or hair gel.


Beach curls look a little sloppy: as if the hair has dried out a little in the sun after swimming in the sea. No wonder they are called "surf curls". This hairstyle fits perfectly into any environment, refreshes the everyday look. Beach curls with a lush wedding dress look very attractive. This styling method for long hair is easy to perform and will transform fine hair without volume. On thick hair, such a hairstyle will look fantastic at all.

The modern world allows girls to be different every day, spending a minimum of time and money on it. Experiment and try different styles for long hair to see which one is right for you. will help you always stay attractive -get acquainted with the work of hairdressers on our website and find the best specialists in your city.

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