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Haircuts with Bangs 2023

Cutting bangs is necessary to maintain a neat look of your hair or amaze everyone with a striking transformation of your hairstyle. Doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, or medium, if it is thick or thin, straight or curly - a haircut with bangs is sure to transform the appearance and complement the image.

Do you know what types of haircuts with bangs are in demand in 2023? The theYou team has gathered a large photo catalog of works by experienced hairdressers and hair stylists from all around the world. We offer you to take a look at an extensive photo collection, choose a suitable haircut and book an appointment with a hairdresser from your city

Every woman wants to look amazing with bangs that are beautifully trimmed and transform her hair look. But be sure to remember that there is something that should influence your haircut choice, and this is the shape of your face. The bangs come in a wide range of variations, help to hide some minor flaws, and make you to look a couple of years younger, but still, the type of your bangs should flatter the shape of your face.

Choosing a bangs type according to the shape of your face

• For a round face, we recommend cuting side swept or oblique bangs. Side swept bangs will not take a lot of time to style. Besides, it is in perfect harmony with long hair. Girls with chubby cheeks can also try getting multi-layered types of bangs, which will visually soften sharp edges.

• Any bangs are suitable for an oval face shape. But classic and medium bangs are the best ones. An elongated oval face will be flattered by slightly elongated oblique bangs.

• For a square face shape, choose multi-layered ragged bangs as well as A-shaped ones.

• Straight and short bangs are suitable not only for people with triangular or oval face, but also for narrow-faced people.

What bangs to choose for a haircut?

Most of the classic haircuts are often complemented with bangs, which can be of any shape and length. So what kind of bangs is right for your haircut?

• Triangular and voluminous bangs are in perfect harmony with bob cut.

• Oblique bangs are just perfect for asymmetrical haircuts.

• A sassoon haircut will do well with oblique bangs, too.

• Ragged bangs will refresh any kind of a sporty style haircut with well-defined edging.

Choosing the Right Type of Bangs

• Oblique bangs are go well with short and medium length haircuts. It makes the face look younger and fresher, as well as gives some recklessness to the look of a young and romantic person. Cutting shortened and elongated, graduated and torn, voluminous and thick bangs obliquely in 2022-2023 is a nice decision.

• Long bangs. Long bangs that are quite fashionable in 2023 are the best way to hide minor imperfections in your appearance. They go really well with long and medium hair, as well as complement the haircut with hints of romance and tenderness. Besides, elongated bangs can bring life to almost any haircut. Such bangs suit all the face shapes. One of the most popular ways to wear this kind of bangs is to cut it for a hairstyle where the hair at the back of the head is short and voluminous.

• A haircut with short bangs is usually chosen by decisive and extraordinary ladies who love to experiment. Their desire to stand out from the crowd and show off their recently cut ultra-short bangs can be fulfilled with the help of the hairstyles with different hair lengths.

• Curtain bangs. The beloved bangs that sweep across the forehead in the shape of a curtain or an arch are incredibly trendy in the 2022-2023 season. Fashion lovers and celebrities dimprove their appearance with such bangs to catch the eyes of others and keep up with fashion trends.

• Trendy ragged bangs bring dynamism, agility and a little bit of extravagance to the look. They look spectacular in different variations, that’s why it is a win-win combination with any style.

• Straight bangs are not the best option for some of the face types. First, you should consult a hair stylist who will take some of your facial features into account. They may be the outline of the eyebrows, the type of the eyes and even the shape of the nose. Straight bangs visually shorten the face, although they will definitely help change the image.

• This one is for the girls who are lucky to have curly hair: curly bangs will give the face a playful look and will look cute with light and slightly careless curls.


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