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Men's Box Cut

Is it time for a cool new haircut? We are confident that you will enjoy our extensive collection of the best men's boxing haircuts. We suggest not only top viewing photos on our site but also finding a master from your city to sign up online.

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Box Haircuts Origin Story

Men's box haircuts are characterized by well-defined lines and neat contours. It's no secret that the name of the haircut has deep sports roots and is related to the sport of the same name. A very short box haircut is ideal for sports activities - the maximum length of hair on the sides should not exceed 4 centimeters. The box haircut does not need special care and styling, it perfectly matches sportswear and emphasizes the male expressive features of the face.

Why Choose Box Cut?

Today, you don't have to be a boxer to wear a box haircut. The shortest haircut can look like a sports-street option, as well as business-like stylish. It has been in demand among a strong half of humanity for more than a dozen years. Among different boxing fans, you can find both European and American celebrities.

Hair Type for Box Cuts

First, let's figure out what types of hair there are so that it is easier for you to choose the desired haircut and not make a mistake. As you know, all hair types are used to be divided into four main ones: normal, dry, oily, and combined. We can add thick and rare, thick and thin, healthy and damaged, dyed and natural.

Unfortunately, the density of hair cannot be influenced in any way, you can only strengthen the roots and create a visual volume. But painted and porous strands can be properly looked after. Curls of any type can be kept in shape with proper power and conditioning. So, what type is right for a box haircut?

Straight normal hair is best for such a hairstyle. They are easiest to lay and form a high hairstyle from them. But you can choose any option for this hairstyle that will suit your hair type. A short box cut option will suit straight and unruly hair. The high option looks great on curly afro hair. Explore all the box cut options and choose the perfect one!

Best Box Haircut Style 2023

With the use of modern tools and technologies in the art of hairdressing, the box haircut is undergoing a variety of changes. New trends that hairdressing stylists are embodying allow for non-classical hairstyles to be demonstrated.

Extra Short Box Haircut

imageThis is a short example of the classic box cut. It does not require additional styling and is suitable for naughty and straight hair. You won't need any extra styling tools, so if you want to look stylish, a box haircut like this is a great option for you.

Fade Box Haircut

To wear this style, your hair will need to reach a certain height/length to reach a high-top look. The top part of the hair can grow as high as possible, but the sides and back of the head shave off. You will have to tinker with such a box hairstyle, so be ready to style it every day.

90's Box Cut Style Example

Such a haircut became fashionable thanks to the top rappers of the 90s. Therefore, if you want to look like a young Will Smith, then such a rock hairstyle is made for you. The high top and shaved back of the head are the main secret of such a haircut concludes. The 90s are back so feel free to cut your hair!

Afro Box Haircut

This hairstyle is similar to the last one box cut hairstyle. If you are the owner of afro curls, then it will suit you perfectly. The upper part of the hair is formed into a box, but the ends of the hair must remain curly or textured. If you want to show off your curls, then this hairstyle is perfect for you. In addition, it requires small care, since the upper part does not need taming.

Line-up Box Cut

Relatively to such a box haircut, we can definitely say that this is the most popular today! If you always want to look brutal, then this haircut is perfect for you. For this work, your hairdresser shaves hair near your forehead to create a box shape. You can also give sharpness to temples with two shaved strips.

Frohawk Box Cut Style

This haircut is an unusual kind of classic haircut. Frohawk is box-shaped at the front and becomes narrower and shorter towards the back of the hair. This haircut is still perfect for textured and curly hair. Frohawk can be stylized in different ways depending on your preferences. Keep in mind that such a hairstyle is very difficult to look after. You can't do without using styling!

High Top Box Cut Style

The shape of this haircut makes it easy to say it's a box haircut. The upper part of the hair is given the shape of a "box." Your hair must be a certain length to reach a high top. InToeep the haircut, you would need to keep the bottom half always short-cut. In addition, the high upper hairs are kept tame, which can be achieved by styling with strongly fixing hair products.

Box Сut with Beard

In this haircut, the beard and hairstyle are as if one. Both hair and beard disappear into each other. There is no specific requirement for beard length or box cutout type. You can have short facial hair with longer hair on the box or a short box cut with a long beard.

Geometric Box Shape Style

Another very brutal and courageous haircut. A short-shaved box-shaped top, crisp lines, and a shaved figure or line on the side is what a stylish man in 2023 should look like.

Box shape haircut is the most common haircut in the world. It is versatile and relevant, suitable for men of many professions and of any age. The simplicity of the haircut style is the secret to its stunning beauty. We are confident, that regardless of the success, interest in this haircut will not disappear for a long time.

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