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The undercut hairstyle is often preferred not only by young guys, but also by middle-aged men due to its stylish versatility. The shape of the haircut suggests a visible contrast: short hair on the sides and back, and long hair at the top of the head, combed back or put up, sometimes with blunt, brushlike ends. The result is a model haircut that can be styled in different ways.

For those with short, medium and long hair, we suggest choosing an undercut hairstyle from the extensive photo collection at Here you will find the works of hair stylists from all over the world. Choose a haircut from the photo gallery and find a hairdresser in your city to book an appointment online.

Since an undercut hairstyle creates a more masculine look, radiates harmony and inner peace, we recommend choosing this one the next time you visit a hairdresser. Discover new the styles from shaggy layered to side swept undercut and, what’s even better, consult a pro hair stylist to find out which hairstyle will suit your face shape and hair type best.

Let's take a closer look at some undercut hairstyle options that will definitely inspire you to choose a new look.

• Undercut with short hair on the sides is a beautiful haircut that shows how versatile style consistency turns out to be. Many young people prefer short haircuts, as they are attractive and do not require special care, especially if the sides are shaved. By the way, slight unshaving will go perfectly well with this kind of haircut.

• Undercut of medium length is great for men with straight, curly and thick hair who have some extra time to spend since it requires daily styling. With trimmed hair on the sides and medium length hair at the top of the head, you can style your hair in many different ways. The striking contrast between the short hair on the sides and medium length hair on the top will take your haircut to the next level.

• Long undercut hairstyle can boast many possible versions: man bun, top knot, long hair combed back, etc. There are also young people who prefer creativity, such as dyeing strands or shaving one side of the head. In any case, short sides and hair on the top create the necessary volume, add sexiness, and express your unique personality.

By the way, undercut is the perfect option if your hair is of short or medium length, as it can be mixed with a wide range of other hairstyles and fits in whatever style you prefer.

Fortunately for young and active people who love changing hairstyles very often, haircuts with long hair on the top can be styled in hundreds of different ways. Men's undercut hairstyle is easy to take care of and just as easy to maintain.


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