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The Aurora Haircut

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Aurora haircut can be done for long, short and medium hair. This haircut is characterized by a pronounced voluminous ​​hair section on the top of the head with some of the strands cut with texturizing shears. There is a similarity with a layered haircut, but while in the second one the thinning of the strands is done smoothly, in Aurora haircut this transition is quite abrupt. Basically, Aurora haircut is a layered with hair of different length, a voluminous trimmed "hat" on the top of the head, and with no dense strands. The bangs are a special detail of the Aurora haircut, but instead of it, strands are often left chin-cut.

Even if it’s the first time you hear about this haircut, you must have seen it more than once. The peak of the Aurora's popularity was in the 80s and 90s, but even today many types of this haircut are still in demand and remain relevant.

Take a look at the photo catalog of haircuts at Here you can find a huge photo collection of Aurora haircuts. Check out the photos of haircuts by professional hairdressers, find a hairdresser from your city and book your appointment.

Pros of Aurora haircut:

● gives a dizzying volume even to thin hair;

● hides split ends;

● easy to style;

● helps to flatter the shape of the face.

Who Is the Aurora Haircut Suitable For?

There are a lot of techniques for Aurora haircut, so it can be called absolutely versatile. Experts recommend choosing Aurora considering your face shape and hair texture. So, those with round faces need to be very careful about Aurora style haircuts. Aurora also won’t look good done on very curly hair.

Good Aurora Haircut Examples:

● if you have a full face, the most suitable version of Aurora haircut for you is the one with oblique bangs is, as it will make your face look narrower;

● girls with a square face shape will absolutely love Aurora haircut with layered strands along the entire hair length, and shaggy bangs will look gorgeous in this kind of haircut;

● those with a triangle face shape should pay special attention to the chin area: for example, you can add a little bit of volume in some places;

● for an oval face shape, a huge variety of haircut options are quite suitable.

Aurora is just perfect for women over 40. It will give all the ladies some originality, make their image look even more unique, and fill it with airiness and splendor.


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