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The "Italian" haircut is distinguished by the presence of a kind of cap and cascading torn strands, like most Italian model haircuts. The modern trend is not only a tousled look, but also trimmed strands with a cascading technique.

By the way, Italian fashion and sense of style are filled with charisma and cause great attraction all over the world. They are known for the latest fashion shows as well as bold style statements. "Italian" - a haircut from the latest fashion trends, inspired by popular celebrities and celebrities.

An Italian haircut can decorate the appearance of not only women, it is also suitable for stylish, following the latest fashion trends, young people. There are many top-notch Italian hairstyles, each of which never ceases to make an indelible impression.

The website contains the best ideas for an Italian haircut from highly qualified masters. In the photo catalog, you can choose an image that will suit your face shape and hair type. We suggest using the search for a master from your city to select a winning option. We are sure that you will be inspired by examples of work from professional hairdressers.

The benefits of a haircut

  • Looks attractive with added bangs.
  • Does not require long and special styling. It is enough to wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer.
  • Perfectly holds its shape, frequent adjustments are not required.
  • Italian is suitable for hair of any texture and length.

Medium hair is a great choice for a haircut. There is no need for sharp transitions to maintain the length. The medium length allows the stylist to fulfill different fantasies with haircut variations.

Haircut "Italian" on long hair creates the necessary volume, gives a touch of insolence and playfulness. If you add ragged bangs, the haircut will look very attractive.

"Italian" on short hair adds to the image of a childish eccentricity and mischief, looks stylish and interesting. Adds volume to the crown area; minimal time is spent on styling.

Italian haircut: interesting styling options

  • Retro. The graduation performed on thick and straight hair allows you to get a simple and aesthetic look. Great for both business meetings and long-termgoodbye.
  • Beach waves. There are no additional accessories for the Italian woman's hairstyle. Divide your hair into two sections, one on the left and one on the right. From the front, let the bangs fall on the face in two chic locks.
  • Chic curls. Curly bouncy curls are very popular with Italian women as they blend updated styles with retro. Ideal for those with an oval face with high cheekbones.

If you decide to have a haircut, an Italian haircut can be a great solution for a change of image.

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