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The crew cut is a kind of the shortest haircut possible. This versatile haircut is chosen by courageous and independent people who are confident about their perfect appearance. Yes, men most often prefer a haircut like this, but this does not mean that crew cut is a taboo for girls.

The theYou website contains the best ideas for a crew cut by pro hairdressers from all over the world. In our extended photo catalog, you can choose a haircut that suits your face shape and hair type. To select a winning option, we suggest using the hairdresser search and find an experienced hair stylist from your city. We are sure that you will be inspired by tons of works by professional hairdressers.

The Crew Cut: Advantages

• practicality;

• basic care;

• no need for daily styling;

• suitable for straight and not very curly hair;

• the hairstyle can be diversified by any type of bangs;

• in all weather conditions, short hair will always be styled and fixated properly.

The crew cut has a number of peculiarities:

• it’s suitable for people with perfect facial features and beautiful ears, since it will not be able to hide minor flaws. The hair length after cutting is 1 cm, and at the top of the head it’s only 2 cm;

• frequent trimming is required.


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