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Piercing Types: A Detailed Guide


What types of body piercings are there? We have compiled a detailed guide to piercing types and placements with photos. Read on to find out more.

Types of Body Piercings


This is a traditional piercing method that provides for piercing the skin perpendicularly all the way through like in the well-known earlobe piercing.


These are piercings through the surface of the skin on flat parts of arms, legs, along the spine or on other flat parts of the body.


This piercing method involves making a single point perforation. A piece is held in place with the help of a special anchor under the skin.

Ear Piercings


Everyone knows about this body modification type as it is done even on babies. There are myriads of jewelry pieces for lobe piercings: rings, studs, cuffs, pendants, etc.


Sometimes, a lobe is stretched to fit in a tunnel of up to 10cm (or even more) in diameter. The lobe is punctured with a needle and then stretched with tapers. To achieve a large diameter, piercers might resort to a scalpel. Stretched earlobes can be decorated with tunnels, tapers, fangs, plugs, or talons.


The helix piercing is a perforation of the upper part of the ear cartilage. A labret is worn in a healing helix piercing. Later, it can be replaced with a shorter piece. Helix piercings look great with jewelry featuring several gems.

Forward helix

Forward helix piercings are placed on the small outer rim of the ear cartilage closer to the head. People often go for several punctures at the same time to sport labrets of different sizes.


A conch piercing is a perforation of the inner part of the ear cartilage. It is modest and not too eye-catching. Labrets are often used in conch piercings.


A daith piercing passes through the central cartilage fold. While the puncture is healing, it is advised to wear a small barbell, later you can switch to beautiful hoops.


The tragus piercing is a perforation of the tragus, which is located right in front of the ear canal. Despite being very painful, this piercing type is quite common.


The antitragus piercing is placed on the cartilage above the earlobe. As for jewelry, small barbells and hoops are the best options.


This piercing is done in the cartilage fold above the ear canal. You should wear a barbell during the healing process and switch to hoops later on.


An industrial piercing is basically two holes in the upper part of the ear connected by one piece of jewelry, typically a barbell.


The snug piercing is a perforation passing through the antihelix of the ear. Labrets, small barbells, and hoops are often worn in snug piercings.

Facial Piercings


In most cases, the brow is pierced vertically from the outer side of the eye, with inserting a small barbell. Alternative variations include horizontal or microdermal brow piercings.



The nose bridge can be pierced between the brows or at the level of the eyes, creating a sort of a ‘bridge’ between them. Barbells are the best suited for this task.


Nostril piercings are quite popular. Most often, fans of piercings sport rings or hoops in their nostrils.


This is a piercing of the middle of the nose. It’s advised to wear a straight barbell in the septum during the healing process. Later, you can go for hoops and circular barbells.

Austin bar

In this type of surface piercing, the tip of the nose is pierced horizontally to insert a barbell.


The most common variation of cheek piercings is symmetrical piercings on each cheek to imitate dimples, which is usually achieved with labrets.


The midline tongue piercing that most commonly uses barbells is considered the classic among tongue piercings. Here are some others:

  • snake eyes piercing;
  • venom piercing;
  • tip of the tongue piercing;
  • tongue frenulum piercing.


It’s hard to list all types of lip piercings - there are just too many. The labret piercing that is located centrally just below the lower lip is considered the classic option, but there are many more.


This delicate piercing resembles the beauty mark that Marilyn Monroe sported on her lip. A small stud is a perfect option for this placement.


The Medusa piercing appears in the area called the philtrum. The best jewelry option for this placement is a labret with gems.


In this case, a piece of jewelry is inserted in the upper lip frenulum under the upper lip. The most common jewelry is a horseshoe barbell.

Anti Smiley

This is the reverse version of the previous type, with the frenulum under the lower lip pierced.


Do not confuse this type of piercing with the namesake jewelry. In this case, the piercing is located in the center of the area just below the lower lip. In the horizontal variation, the puncture is done parallel to the lip, while in the vertical one, the jewelry piece pierces the lip all the way through.


This is a recent trend. The piercings can be done in various parts of the lips, but should be strictly symmetrical to each other and be adorned with the same jewelry.

Body Piercings


A surface piercing on the side of the neck with a curved barbell might imitate a vampire’s or snake’s bite. Another stunning neck piercing option is a microdermal piercing between the clavicles.


The horizontal variation is the most common one. Other options include diagonal, vertical or multi piercings featuring several pieces. The type of jewelry worn in nipples is usually a barbell.


This body modification is as common as earlobe or nostril piercings. It can go through the upper, side, or lower part of the belly button.

Corset Piercing

In this case, multiple piercings are placed in rows so that you could lace through a ribbon to imitate a corset. The most common placements are the back or sides of the torso, sometimes legs or the chest.

Genital Piercing

Naturally, types and names of genital piercings differ for men and women. There are several variations of piercings of the penis. Women often get their pubis, labia, or clitoris pierced.

Nail Piercing

This is the least harmful piercing type as it involves perforating the free edge of a nail. Nails are usually adorned with a small ring with a charm.

Piercings are done on any part of the body. In this article, we discussed the most popular types of piercings. Now that you know more about piercing, you can choose an option just for you in our photo gallery.

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