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Ombre with Darkened Roots: What Is It?


Ombre is a hair coloring technique, in which the roots are darkened and the rest of the hair is lighter. What are the peculiarities of this technique? Read on to find out.

Who Can Rock Ombre

Ombre with darker roots suits people with light brown or dark brown hair the best. The trick is to dye the roots a shade that is close to the natural hair color to avoid a sharp color transition as the hair grows out. Darkened roots create the impression of more volume, which is why they work great on thin hair.

Advantages of ombre with darkened roots:

  • Gives additional volume.
  • Looks good in any hairstyle.
  • Looks natural.
  • Conceals gray hair.
  • Does not need frequent touch-ups.
  • Can be easily done even by a novice hair stylist.

For Blonde Hair

On fair hair, the tone of the dye for the roots should be just 1-2 shades darker than the natural hair color. Women with darker skin should go for warm tones, while pale blondes can experiment with cool tones, including pinks, light blues, and grays.

For Brown Hair

Ombre on brown hair is usually done by darkening the roots while leaving the rest of the hair untouched or by making the ends lighter. This way, the hair gets more contrasting and looks sun-kissed.

For Black Hair

Ombre with slightly lightened strands all the way to the ends looks great on dark hair, giving the look fresh summer vibes. Brunettes can rock darkened roots in combination with juicy shades of blue, purple, or emerald green.

For Long Hair

Long-haired beauties can feel free to experiment with darkened roots and various shades of the strands. You can use not just two, but three, four, or more tones.

For Medium Hair

Ombre looks as stunning on medium-length hair as on long hair. If you want to try the latest trend, turn your hair into sea waves, creating a transition from dark blue roots to turquoise ends.

For Short Hair

It’s not an easy task to do a smooth color transition on short hair. It can be done on a pixie or bob cut. The roots are made darker and the ends are highlighted with a color that is 2-3 tones lighter.

Ombre with darker roots are a great hair coloring technique for thin hair, from light brown to black in color. This method helps to give the hair more volume at the roots and to mask gray hair on grown out roots. Keep in mind that the hair should not be too short, or you won’t be able to get a beautiful gradient. Visit our photo gallery for more examples!

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