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Alternatives to Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are not the only way to achieve an expressive and sensual look. In this article, we will look at alternatives to eyelash extensions that will help make your natural eyelashes longer, brighter, and curvier. Some procedures also help to make eyelashes healthier.

We will not talk about mascara separately. This is the simplest and the most obvious way to give eyelashes more color, length, and volume. We just want to remind you that makeup artists recommend applying powder to eyelashes before mascara.

Let’s discuss more long-lasting procedures.

Eyelash Tinting

This is a convenient option for those who do not like wearing makeup often. Tinting eyelashes with henna or dyes will make them look darker and longer, as it will dye thin tips that lose color no matter how dark they are initially.

If your eyelashes are naturally thick and curly, but are light, pale, or discolored, tinting will just bring out their natural beauty.

The effect from the procedure lasts for up to a month. You can get your lashes tinted at a salon or do it yourself as many brands offer henna and dyes for eyelashes. However, make sure to study the instructions and get familiar with contraindications. If you doubt your skill, entrust this to a professional at a salon.

Eyelash Lamination

Lash lamination (also called lash lift) is a procedure that includes curling, tinting, and covering eyelashes with a protective keratin film. If your natural eyelashes grow straight or downward, lamination will help to lift them and achieve a more open and wide gaze.

After lamination, eyelashes become thicker, more voluminous and curled. To get such results, makeup artists use special formulas that strengthen the structure of hairs and produce a long-term effect. This method helps to increase the eyelash volume up to 35%.

Advantages of Eyelash Lamination:

  • It helps to restore, strengthen, and improve eyelashes after the first procedure.
  • The procedure is suitable for any eyelashes, including short, weakened, and lacking volume.
  • It can be combined with eyelash botox.
  • Lamination is safe for wearers of contact lenses.

The lamination procedure should be performed by a professional at a salon. Sometimes, specialists recommend using collagen instead of lamination. The difference lies in the formula: the collagen formula is more gentle, so the procedure can be done more often. As for lamination, it is recommended doing it in several sessions at a monthly interval and then refraining from it for 3-6 months.

Eyelash Botox

Despite the name, the procedure has nothing to do with botulotoxin injections as this substance is not used. It’s just that the botox effect is so strongly associated with beauty and rejuvenation, that this term is applied to other procedures as well.

The goal of eyelash botox is to provide nutrition and restore eyelashes that are also additionally tinted and curled. Active substances restore the structure of eyelashes and coat every hair, giving eyelashes more volume and making them look darker, thicker, and curlier.

So what is the difference between botox and lamination? The main difference lies in the formula. The botox one is stronger as it contains collagen, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, vitamins, and panthenol. Lamination works on the surface of eyelashes, while botox permeates deep into the structure of hairs.

Pros of Lash Botox:

  • provides deep restoration;
  • visually increases thickness and volume of eyelashes;
  • is safe for wearers of contact lenses;
  • lasts for 1.5-2 months.

Just like lamination, botox is a salon procedure that should be performed by a professional.

Eyelash Curling

Although eyelash curling is gradually giving way to lamination and botox, it still remains a popular alternative to extensions. This is how it’s done: technicians apply to eyelashes a chemical solution that helps to curl the lashes. To get the right curve, technicians use special rollers of the appropriate diameter.

To reduce the damaging effect on eyelashes and eyes, curling formulas do not contain overly aggressive components, which is why the procedure is also called bio curling. This method is perfect for women with naturally long eyelashes who want to get a more expressive curve.

Pros of Lash Curling:

  • a long-term effect of about two months, after which a touch-up is needed;
  • the result is a desired curl that makes the gaze more expressive.

Eyelash Growth Products

Another way to make your natural eyelashes thicker and more voluminous is to use cosmetic products that stimulate growth. For example, castor or burdock oil, serums with caffeine and arginine, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, and plant extracts.

If you use these products regularly, you will see the result in several months: your eyelashes will become strong, shiny, and thick. Growth products can be used at home, but make sure that you carefully follow the instructions and take courses at an interval.

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