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It’s the one! 10 Signs of Your Dream Wedding Dress


The moment when a bride finally finds her dream wedding dress is precious. How do you know that this dress is ‘the one’? Let’s discuss ten signs that will indicate that you’ve found your perfect bridal gown.

Picture the Style of Your Dreams

Many brides have dreamt of their ideal look since childhood: a ballgown and curled hair with a tiara or a close-fitting outfit with a long train and ribbons in a Greek braid… Before going wedding dress shopping, bridal experts recommend doing one simple thing: close your eyes and imagine in every detail how you want to look on your wedding day and what gown you want to wear.

Tip. Do your research: look through magazines, attend exhibitions, visit bridal salons. This way you’ll find out what silhouettes you like best. Compile a visual file from reference photos, this will help you find your dream wedding dress easier.

What are the most common wedding dress styles?

Classic. This style is known for its full-skirted gowns with a defined waist and a V-shaped neck, and few accessories, complemented with a classic wedding hairstyle with a veil.

Romantic. These are simple dresses decorated with lace and embroidery. As a rule, romantic gowns are made of chiffon, tulle, or other flowy translucent fabrics.

Boho. Dresses in the boho style feature many layers of natural fabrics and a high waistline. This style is a blend of romantic features and free-spirited hippie vibes and is close to the rustic style.

Vintage. There’s no shortage of options when it comes to vintage dresses: short retro dresses from the 60s, Victorian gowns, sheath dresses, and flared skirts paired with a tight-fitting corset with a clean neck are but a few options.

Greek. Delicate tunics with the waistline right under the bust, sometimes with layers or drapes, like in empire dresses.

Modern. Unusual silhouettes and surprising colors — the modern style offers unique and creative takes on wedding dresses.

Match it to the Concept

What will be the theme of your wedding? Traditional or something more specific? Will it be a ceremony in the retro style or a French-themed celebration? Will you party in an ancient castle or on the beach, in a restaurant or in a garden? When it comes to choosing a bridal gown, keep the concept of your wedding in mind. A long trail will be an inconvenience at a ceremony by the sea and a boho dress might look out of place in a luxurious mansion.

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Keep the Season in Mind

When will your wedding take place? Your dress should not be appropriate for the weather. If you’re getting hitched in summer, go for light dresses from natural fabrics. For a winter wedding, think about a gown with long sleeves or a cape.

Mind the Fabric

A festive outfit from low-quality materials is uncomfortable to wear: it’s unpleasant to the touch and looks cheap and messy. What fabric should your bridal gown be made of? Silk is the most pleasant material to the touch, but it gets crumpled easily. Batiste, cotton, viscose, and tencel also feel nice against the skin.

Tip. Many believe that natural fabrics are the best choice for a wedding dress. However, this is not entirely true when it comes to festive attire. It’s better to choose an outfit with the lining from natural fibers and durable fabrics that don’t wrinkle easily like miлado, crepe, or lace for outer layers.

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Pick the Right Color

At a closer look, a seemingly white wedding dress may in fact be ivory or champagne. Choosing the color of your dress is an important decision. Take into account your complexion, because an unflattering color might bring out skin imperfections or clash with your skin tone.

Let’s look at some popular shades of wedding gowns:

  • Classic milky white goes well with dark skin, making for a pretty contrast.
  • Snow white dresses are for brides with dark or cool skin tones.
  • Ecru is a grayish-yellowish white, the color of unbleached linen. It flatters dark skin most.
  • Pearl white is considered a very versatile hue.
  • Ivory is closer to beige than to white. This is the warmest color in the white palette that suits fair-skinned brides.
  • Blush pink is also close to beige and peach and flatters almost everyone.
  • Taupe is a shade of beige that suits brides with fair or pale skin.
  • Champagne leans into golden and suits dark-skinned beauties.

As for other colors, you can choose a bright wedding dress for a themed celebration.

Make Sure Your Dress Fits Perfectly

Your bridal gown must fit perfectly, flattering your figure and making you look even prettier than you already are. So it’s important to find a dress that works on your body shape.

Hourglass — A well-defined waist that’s narrower than equally wide hips and shoulders. It’s better to accentuate your bust and waist and leave the shoulders open. A mermaid or short dress that showcases your legs will be a good choice.

Rectangle — A small bust, a non-prominent waist, almost equally wide hips and shoulders. This body type is also called athletic. try to make your bust visually bigger and create an illusion of a prominent waist. Choose a gown from firm fabrics, with an elegant neckline, draped bodice, and clean geometric seam lines. Try on retro dresses with a low waistline, flowy straight gowns with shoulder straps, and straight dresses slightly fanning out at the bottom.

Triangle — Fragile-looking shoulders and bust narrower than hips. To balance things out, avoid thin shoulder straps and round necklines, go for a carmen neckline instead. An A-line gown will be the best option as it can hide wide hips and make petite ladies appear taller.

Inverted triangle — Wide shoulders, narrow hips, and flat buttocks. It’s better to accentuate your hips and beautiful legs, and make shoulders appear narrower. We encourage you to consider a dress with thin shoulder straps and a V-neck.

Spoon — Fuller hips and belly. We suggest flowy dresses with a waistline right under the bust and a V-shaped neckline.

Put Comfort First

You’ll spend an entire day in your wedding dress, so it’s important that you are comfortable in it. When trying it on, make sure that you don’t feel any seams and can move your arms freely, the train doesn’t get in the way, you are comfortable with the neckline, and that the corset isn’t trying to suffocate you. Raise your hands, jump, sit down, and move around a bit to check for possible inconveniences.

Stay on Trend

Some dream of a timeless, classic dress, while others want their outfit to be up to the minute on trends. Here are some wedding outfit features that are hot this year:

  • a low neckline
  • open shoulders
  • an open back
  • an asymmetric skirt
  • a short skirt
  • few decorations
  • retro elements
  • suits.

Seek Advice from a Stylist

Brides often go wedding dress shopping with their mom, aunt, or a group of friends. Experts don’t recommend this, because a bride might bend to others’ opinions and fail to buy her dream dress. Go to a bridal salon with a stylist instead. If you don’t have such an opportunity, listen to a consultant’s advice. These people are true experts with rich experience and a practiced eye. Compliments and looks of admiration from them are a sure sign that you’re wearing the right dress.

Don’t Forget that You’re Awesome!

We believe that this is the most important thing you should remember. If a gown makes you feel beautiful and happy when you look in the mirror — it’s the one! These are the emotions you should experience on one of the most important days in your life.

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Summing Up

Choosing a wedding dress is a responsible task that you should prepare for in advance: think of the style of your dress and the theme of the wedding and compile ideas to visualize your dream look. Then secure a stylist’s support and you’re ready to go wedding dress shopping to find ‘the one’.

Let’s go over the ten signs that will tell you that you’ve found your perfect wedding dress again:

  1. It’s exactly what you’ve dreamed of.
  2. It matches the theme of your wedding.
  3. It’s appropriate for the season.
  4. It feels pleasant on your skin.
  5. The color suits your complexion.
  6. The outfit fits perfectly.
  7. You feel comfortable in it.
  8. It’s stylish or even trendy.
  9. Your stylist or beauty salon consultant recommends this one.
  10. You feel happy when you’re wearing it.

A perfect bridal gown is an important element of a bride's look that helps make the wedding day unforgettable.

You can find more wedding dresses in the theYou gallery.

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