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Makeup for Mature Skin. Tips to Look Younger


Makeup for women over 50 can make the face look younger. We have asked makeup artists to share secrets of beautiful makeup for older women.

With aging, skin gradually loses elasticity, becomes thinner and paler. People get wrinkles around the eyes, a deep frown line, droopy eyelids, a prominent nasolabial fold, and generally slack skin on the face. Good makeup can obscure these features and return freshness to the face.

Five Rules of Makeup for Mature Skin

  1. Moisturizing. It is a must. Do not skip this stage in your skincare routine. Clean your face with tonic and apply moisturizing cream, serum, and eye cream. This will give more smoothness and elasticity to your face.
  2. Soft shades. Try keeping your look neat and calm. Natural-looking shades are flattering to older women.
  3. Light textures. Liquid concealer, loose powder and eyeshadow cover the skin more smoothly and don’t gather in folds.
  4. Soft lines. Sharp winged eyeliner and outlines will only highlight the signs of aging. Makeup for women over 50 is about blending, soft lines, and smooth transitions.
  5. Only one accent. Place an accent either on the eyes or on the lips. Too much cosmetics on mature skin looks ridiculous rather than attractive.

Skin Tone

Makeup artists have some requirements for foundation on mature skin. It should:

  • moisturize;
  • protect from aggressive UV light;
  • be light;
  • last for the whole day;
  • contain reflective particles;
  • contain anti-ageing components;
  • have a lifting effect.

When choosing a foundation, give preference to those with a light texture and reflective particles. Choose products with pink undertones as yellowish ones will only highlight your wrinkles.

If there are some imperfections on your face like reddening, inflammation, or pigmentation, use concealer, but it should be not too thick.

It’s better not to use thick matte powder in makeup for mature skin – go for loose mineral powders. They will hold makeup in place and make the face fresh and shiny.

При создании возрастного мейкапа лучше отказаться от плотных матовых пудр. Вместо них используйте рассыпчатые минеральные. Пудра закрепит мейк, сделает лицо свежим, сияющим.


The color of brows should match the hair color and complexion. Women with black and dark hair should use a soft brow pencil that is 1-2 tones lighter than the hair color. Women with light brown, red, or gray hair will rock taupe brows. Blonde women should paint their brows the same color as the roots of the hair.


Eyeliner creates clear, crisp lines, so it’s better to use a gray or brown eye pencil instead. Use matte or satin eye shadow for eyelids. Avoid glitter in eye makeup.

As for lashes, choose brown mascara over black. It will make the eyes more open, lively, and expressive.


To make your smile look attractive, choose a lipstick and lip pencil in warm natural colors. Perfect shades for makeup for older women include beige, soft pink, and terracotta.

Step-By-Step Tutorial

  1. Cleanse and moisturize your skin with cream.
  2. Apply primer. It will smooth wrinkles so that foundation can be applied evenly.
  3. Apply foundation with a damp sponge.
  4. Lighten the area under the eyes with concealer, apply a bit to the nose bridge, the nasolabial fold, and the inner corner of the eye. Mask skin imperfections with concealer and blend it.
  5. Apply some powder to areas without wrinkles.
  6. Use creamy pink or peach blush on the cheekbones. Tap it in upwards, towards the temples for a facelift effect.
  7. Outline the eyebrows with gentle strokes of eyeshadow or a brow pencil of a natural color. Raise the brows at the peak and the tail to make the eyes livelier and more open.
  8. Use primer on eyelids to ensure smooth application of eyeshadow. The secret of makeup for droopy eyelids lies in obscuring this area with matte brown eyeshadow. Make the area right under the brow lighter. Highlight the outlines of the eyes with a gray or brown pencil and blend it.
  9. Apply 1-2 layers of mascara. Do not paint all the lower lashes – just the ones at the outer corner. Use brown mascara for day makeup and leave black one for evening makeup. 
  10. Outline the lips with a lip pencil of a warm tone and blend it. Paint the lips with a moisturizing lipstick. In day makeup, use nude colors. Feel free to go for a brighter color in evening makeup.

Now you know how to take off some years with the help of effective makeup. A natural look and the ‘less is more’ principle are the key rules. Check out our photo gallery for more ideas of makeup for mature skin.

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