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The meaning of the moon tattoo

The moon in tattoo art is considered as a sacred sign in which the following information is encrypted:

  • developed intuition, keen perception of not only one's own, but also other people's emotions, feelings;
  • the presence of secret esoteric knowledge, awareness of the influence of otherworldly forces on reality;
  • foresight;
  • awareness of the cycle of the life cycle;
  • striving for knowledge of world secrets;
  • motherly love.

The main interpretation of the moon tattoo is complemented by the plot details:

  • Night star surrounded by clouds. The tattoo emphasizes the influence of otherworldly forces on a person, a penchant for dark fantasies, love for the mysterious.
  • Wild animals against the background of a bright lunar disk. If animals are depicted at the time of the hunt, the drawing speaks of an interest in the occult, esotericism. Especially iconic are the tattoo of cats with luminous eyes that resemble moon reflections.

Moon Phase Tattoo

The celestial body, depicted in different phases within the same plot, speaks of the cyclical nature of life, the events taking place in it, the immortality of the soul, its ability to rebirth.

For the moon, captured in a particular phase, there are interpretations:

  • full - a sign of completeness, striving for external and internal perfection;
  • growing - development, the beginning of a new stage of life, spiritual integrity;
  • decreasing - a symbol of restraint and self-restraint. Additionally, the moon in the waning phase emphasizes the completion of a certain stage, readiness for new life achievements.

Crescent Moon

A moon tattoo is considered a talisman if it is made in the form of a crescent moon with horns turned down. Otherwise, it is called a lunar. The main interpretation of the symbol is a connection with the natural principle, the ability to live in harmony with nature, its elements.

Features of moon tattoo for guys

Men's moon tattoos demonstrate a sense of responsibility for their own lives. The drawing, in which the crescent moon is depicted with horns up, speaks of the ability to keep everything under control, not to surrender at the mercy of fate.

Tattoo with male energy is distinguished by a rich plot, the predominance of a black shade and its gradations, or a pronouncedthe contrast of the tones used for rendering. Moon tattoos often complement the images of wild forest predators.

For girls

Many consider the moon to be a female symbol, emphasizing the irrationality of a girl's nature, the predominance of emotions over reason, actions on a subconscious level, a subjective attitude towards people and events.

A moon tattoo for a girl is seen as a motivator for revealing her inner potential, an effective talisman that provides protection of higher powers. Also, the moon tattoo symbolizes the awareness of the importance of motherhood, the desire to support and protect from the negative influence of children and loved ones. Drawings are made in both monochrome and color.

Tattoo placement options

A tattoo with the moon is inherent in universality - the Earth's satellite looks favorably on any part of the body. The choice depends on how noticeable the tattoo should be, what meaning is put into it.

On the forearm

In this zone, there are both single drawings of the moon and plot paintings with images of animals, earthly and space landscapes. Monochrome images of sequentially changing phases of the moon look unusual, lined up in one line.

On the leg

Tattoos of the moon on the leg are similar in design and execution to the drawings applied to the hands. Beautiful large-scale compositions are recommended by the master to fill in the thigh area, on the gastrocnemius muscle. Ankles and feet are ideal for miniature single tattoos.

Drawings can be colored or monochrome, mixing of styles is allowed, playing on contrasts.


Moon tattoos on the back, with the correct selection of the sketch, look majestic and energetically powerful. The large area allows you to imagine the lunar disk in all its glory, to draw its outlines, to indicate shadow transitions, to supplement the plot with other symbolic images.

Popular Moon Tattoo Styles

The style of the moon tattoo is determined by personal preferences, features of the sketch. For original stylization, realism, watercolor, chicano, new school are appropriate. Drawings close to graphic technique are also effective.


Drawings, consisting of many linear contours, are made mainly in black and gray tones, clearly emphasizing detailsimages.


Dotted monochrome moon tattoos look voluminous by softly filling the space within the outline.


Minimalistic moon tattoos can be single or multiple elements, but without an intricate plot. Drawings are applied to the wrists, ankles, behind the ear, in the neck, collarbone or shoulder blade.

Moon tattoos in different variations are presented on our website - see the photo gallery and choose the most beautiful sketches.

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