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Lightning tattoos: from minimalism to realistic masterpieces

A strong sign in the form of a lightning tattoo is filled with the energy of electrical discharges, so it always creates a special aura around the wearer. Often, by the first type of tattoo, you can understand which message is embedded in the image - positive or negative. The interpretation of the drawings entirely depends on the chosen style, the peculiarities of the plot, the color palette, complementing the sparkling highlights of the elements.

Popular lightning tattoo designs

Lightning tattoos can be presented in different ways, starting from the ideas of the masters.

  • Symbolic signs of a natural phenomenon in a single performance or with an addition in the form of a semantic phrase. Such tattoos are often done in pairs, emphasizing emotions and sensations that are important for loved ones.
  • Lightning bolts with cartoon characters, fantasy paintings, the character of which truly sparkles.
  • Scale drawings in which lightning enhances the meaning of other symbols.
  • Realistic pictures of the raging natural elements.
  • Greek tattoos, where lightning often symbolizes the divine principle.

Lightning Tattoo Styles and Locations

Numerous photos of lightning tattoos demonstrate how different themed tattoos can be. Among the preferred styles of tattoo parlors are the following.


Vivid color images attract with realism, flash effect created by the play of colors. No less interesting are black and white tattoos depicting bright discharges piercing the air.

Subject body drawings look especially impressive on large-scale areas of the body - back, chest, thigh, arm with the transition to the shoulder.


Miniature zigzag tattoos effectively decorate the ankle, ankle, collarbone, ribs. The drawing is done in black, which absolutely does not affect the power of its energy message.


In such drawings, different color variations are allowed - lightning is depicted in yellow, red, with outlined borders and without them, complementing the picture with an equally bright background. The watercolor style allows you to draw electric discharges as naturally and accurately as possible.

Old school

Old school tattoos are distinguished by an abundance of bright colors,traditional plots without metaphorical transfer of the meaning of the image of lightning. Bright flashes are outlined with a bold black outline for extra expressiveness. Often the plot is complemented with flowers, natural compositions.

New school

Stylish colored lightning tattoos in this style implies a variety of subjects and a non-standard approach to creating drawings. Upon deeper examination, they can be revealed from a completely unexpected side, if the plot is supplemented by clouds, a hand, a human eye, and other details.

Features of male and female lightning tattoos

For energetic and domineering representatives of the stronger sex, images of lightning indicate certain character traits or life position. Such drawings are relevant for athletes and the military. Their predominant features are the sharpness of the plot, the aggressiveness of the image, enhanced by wild predatory images, skulls, and the predominance of dark colors.

The female audience is attracted by the images of bright flashes with their beauty and mystery. Therefore, their drawing is distinguished by the use of bright colors, not overloaded with negative plots. One of the most common trends is minimalistic Z-shaped tattoos.

When choosing a lightning sketch, you need to take into account the advice of the master regarding suitable color combinations, the nuances of interpreting a tattoo. Then the result will justify the expectation, and a beautiful pattern will appear on the body that remains relevant for a long time.

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