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Geometric Tattoos

Tattoo geometry: style features

Geometric tattoo is based on the following elements:

  • straight and broken lines;
  • flat shapes - triangles, squares, circles, polygons;
  • volumetric shapes - balls, cones, cubes;
  • linear ornament, meander.

Geometric style tattoo ideas

Photos of geometry tattoos demonstrate the diversity of images. These are single figures, patterns, sacred signs, symbols of the elements, abstract compositions, schematic images of plants, animals, people.

Large images look spectacular on the back, chest, hips. For small geometric tattoos, use the lower back, wrist or ankle.

As for color, not only monochrome is relevant. Geometric tattoo pictures can be replete with vibrant colors, especially when paired with watercolor techniques. Drawings with the addition of black lines with white strokes look unusual.

Floral motifs

Among the popular flower tattoos in the style of geometry are sketches of sakura, roses, peonies, lotus. Images of flowers are closely intertwined with geometric shapes. Stems, leaves and buds are also drawn using circles, triangles, and other simple shapes.

With animals and birds

Animals drawn in a geometric style look unusual and graceful. They are depicted in full or limited to the head. An interesting solution is to combine a geometric and realistic picture in one drawing.


Even in a geometric reading, the fox is distinguished by its expressive appearance, grace, plasticity, which are conveyed by strict outlines.

Wolves and Lions

The images of decisive and courageous wild animals attract those in whose character the same traits can be traced. Predators in a geometric interpretation can be either peaceful and calm, or aggressive.


In the technique of geometry, owls are often drawn. They are considered a universal symbol carrying positive energy.


A tattoo with a cat in a geometric style is more often in black and white. The animal is depicted as a single figure or supplemented with other elements.

Geometric themes in womentattoos

In addition to flowers, animals and plants, geometric tattoos for girls are replete with drawings of stars, planets, the moon and the sun, images on a marine theme. Often in them, the central element is a circle as a symbol of the unity of two principles, fidelity.

Geometric style tattoos for men

Typically male tattoos include sketches of scales, hourglasses, cardinal points, images of ferocious animals, such as bulls, which look especially impressive in a geometric style.

Geometric minimalist tattoos

Minimalistic wearable designs in geometric technique are contoured. In a small size they look impressive:

  • runes;
  • arrows, hieroglyphs and letters;
  • amulets;
  • ancient symbols;
  • hearts;

Geometric tattoos are not literal - they convey an idea, an abstract thought in the form of rapid lines and intersections of figures. You can find numerous examples of stylish and laconic tattoos in our photo gallery.

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