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Tattoo bracelet is one of the most common body tattoos for both women and men. Often the bracelet acts as an adornment, in which no special meaning is invested, but there are exceptions. Each wearer of a tattoo in the form of a bracelet interprets the content and essence of the tattoo in its own way.

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A tattoo with a bracelet is applied as:

  • feeds;
  • chains;
  • celtic ornaments;
  • polynesia;
  • lace;
  • labels;
  • colors;
  • in blackwork style.

Girls choose more romantic sketches that embody feminine strength, love, prosperity, men - clear geometry, drawings, patterns and symbols. Often, elements of women's tattoos are performed in different colors. But the plots of men's tattoos in most cases are stuffed in monochrome.

The place for tattooing is most often the wrist and ankle.


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