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Nails with Dots

One of the trendiest nail designs is the one with polka dots. You can do it in a minimalistic style, or add a pattern, stripes, rhinestones, or do a bright accent on one nail. Such nail art is suitable for any celebration, party and everyday wear. The polka dot pattern is in perfect harmony with ombre design and foil. Nails can be either matte or glossy.

Natural Looking Dotted Nails

Stylish manicure has become an essential part of a modern woman’s image, as hands are always in sight. When choosing a nail design, it is recommended to take into account not only your personal preferences, but also the dress code, fashion trends and nail industry novelties. Nail art with dots is suitable for both young girls and adult women, it looks beautiful and relevant on any nail shape and length.

Calm and soft base shades with dotted accents will look extremely elegant. The best color shades for this nail look are cream or pinkish shades, cappuccino and peach.

If you combine white or silver dots with stripes symmetrically on two fingers of each hand, it will help add zest to your manicure, making it more interesting and unique. By applying a glossy or matte top coat, you will put a bigger emphasis on the beauty of the nail shape.

Matte Dotted Nails

They look unusual and sophisticated, and can be combined with almost all nail art types and color shades. In this case, the shape of the nails or their length doesn't matter at all.

It is quite common to see matte manicure either in minimalistic style or in a bright and colorful performance. Such nails look spectacular in dark or neon shades. To achieve this matte effect, nail techs normally use a specialized nail polish or a top coat.

Nail art with dots made of rhinestones looks extremely elegant. The contrast of matte coating and shine of the stones are perfect for a festive mood. You can scatter rhinestones along the nail or lay them out in the corner of the nail plate, forming geometric shapes.

Matte manicure with black dots resembling the shell of quail eggs is very popular with modern fashion lovers. Just like nails with dark dots applied randomly to pinkish or bluish, green and other lighter base shades.

Dotted Nail Ideas

Polka dot nails have many advantages - this design goes well with most outfits, and it is not difficult to create both in a salon and at home. It does not take much time to draw the pattern, it’s easy to make, and finally, it looks modern and stylish.

Natural looking tones are especially relevant these days. Tan tones paired with white dots look delicate and graceful. For a more discreet manicure, try adding tiny dots symmetrically on one finger of each hand. Several nails or just one of them can be decorated with rhinestones.

Short Dotted Nails

Fortunately, you can bring hundreds of nail ideas to life if you have short nails. Natural looking French manicure with a couple of rhinestones or dots is sure to look super feminine and luxurious. Red color shade with nail art on two or three fingers looks neat and stylish. You can also decorate a French tip or lunulas with polka dots.

For medium to short nails, feel free to try ombre with dots on several fingers in natural or bright shades. If you’re looking for a simpler design - solid color with contrasting polka dots is just for you: it is appropriate for romantic and retro looks.

White or black dots (and their combo) look very original against a red, green, and blue background. You can draw dots of different sizes, arrange them randomly or line them up. So that the nail art does not look too flashy, decorate only two of your nails. Dots are created in one or more tones with optional addition of metallic shades.

You can diversify the design with the help of drawings and stickers, or combine polka dots with bow, twig, or flower paintings. This type of nail art looks soft and gentle, if complemented by light ornament patterns.

Long Dotted Nails

Ombre looks spectacular on long nails, especially when decorated with rhinestones or monochromatic dots. Optionally, you can shade or highlight the lunula. White polka dots on a red or dark background look extraordinary and unique. Bow paintings on the lunula give additional charm to the manicure.

When it comes to long nails, polka dots go perfectly well with French nail design, and looks interesting if diluted with stripes, placed along the edge or base of the nail. The dots look even more interesting and unusual if applied to a solid color base using foil.

Dotted manicure is easy to do, it looks impressive and will definitely not go out of fashion in the near future. Feel free to choose a unique nail design with polka dots, either a bright or a discreet one - regardless of your age, nail length, or color shade preferences.


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