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Matte Gray Nails

Gray nails often testify to one's good taste. This color is calm and discreet. That is why it symbolizes the strength of character and makes your look elegant. If you are still in two minds about which design to choose, let's take a look at the most staggering silver and marengo nail trends.

Matte Gray Nail Design

A matte finish is eye-catching, even hypnotizing. The gray palette is rich, but not all ladies appreciate it. One of the possible reasons for it is that they haven't found their ideal shade yet. Let's start with the basics.

The colors of platinum and ash are achromatic, neutral. It is hardly possible to call them universal. Thus, there are not many mind-blowing color combinations. However, the following shades combined with a matte top coat will definitely steal the show: 

  • classic silver, gold, bronze, white;
  • metallic and matte cobalt, emerald, ruby, anthracite;
  • matte and glossy pastel pinks, yellows, light blues, and coffee shades;
  • neon tones like coral, fuchsia, light green, lemon.

It is better not to combine gray with brown, olive, dark orange, and yellowish-brown hues. Otherwise, your nails will look too gloomy.

If you want to get something classy, a plain matte gray design is not enough. Here is our list of the best nail art ideas.

Geometric Nail Art

Abstract patterns, simple stripes, and unconventional color block nail art go nicely with matte smoky and charcoal base colors. You can create an unusual design with the help of gel paints, polishes of contrasting colors, striping tape, stickers, foil, spider gel. A harmonious design will suit every woman regardless of her age and shape.


Nail artists believe that a matte gray coating is a perfect canvas for pictures, water decals, stickers. The colors of stone, asphalt, concrete highlight the beauty of your nails.


A shimmering glow of gemstones and a matte gray polish combo creates an amazingly dazzling effect. Try to apply rhinestones of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Maintain the balance to create a luxurious and chic design.

Marble Nail Art

Marble nail technique allows for forming a charmingly moderate pattern of thin, chaotically arranged lines. You can apply such a design either to a couple of nails or to all of them. The white and gray duo matches casual, feminine, and business outfits.

Getting matte gray nails is a great way to upgrade your look. This nail art is timeless. Find your perfect nail design with the help of our portfolios.

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