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Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is the time when you forget about modesty and let your imagination run wild. The most commonly used colors for Halloween-inspired nails are black, orange, white, and red. In addition to that, you'll need Halloween-themed stickers. Rhinestones and glitter are also a great option.

Halloween Manicure Ideas for Short and Long Nails

It is impossible to imagine this mystical evening without creativity. Paint all your nails white, make the nails on the index finger and little finger pointed, and the ones on the middle and the ring fingers short. Such a design will complement any Halloween costume. Moreover, adding paintings of a vampire's smile or a few drops of ‘blood’ will make even a simple white coating fun.

Short Nails

A solid color manicure, especially matte black, is a perfect variant for short nails. If you want something spooky, it’s worth trying glow-in-the-dark stickers. Burgundy nails with a skull on the ring finger are also a cool scary option.  

Long Nails

Long nails allow you to fulfill all your ideas. A black gradient manicure will make you the center of attention at a Halloween party. Moreover, you can complement the design with a skull decorated with crushed crystals. Jelly nails are also a mind-blowing option. Draw blood stains and add some rhinestones to create a creepy-cute effect. 

Popular Halloween Nail Art

The most common mystical images are witches, bats, pumpkins, spiders and their webs, skulls, and skeletons. You can use not only dark colors but also bright shades as the main color. Such a bold manicure can be glossy or matte and feature elements of an ombre or French design.


Pumpkins may look both cute and creepy. Such nail art will not go unnoticed and will add mystery to the evening. You can apply a pumpkin image to a dark base or a pastel one. For example, matte black nails complemented by an orange pumpkin will look unusual and impressive.

Spider Web

Few people would dare to get a spider web design in everyday life. However, it's exceedingly popular during Halloween. A spider of a contrasting color can be applied to either a dark or a bright coating. Matte nails decorated with rhinestones and glitter will look unique and exquisite.

Halloween Nail Design

Lots of people love Halloween as an extremely fun holiday. That's why manicurists delight us with fresh nail art ideas every year. For example, try adding 3D elements, such as small chains. Another brilliant idea is to decorate the entire nail plate with rhinestones. However, the most common design is traditional pictures.


This season, fashion lovers will gravitate towards bats and pumpkins decorated with glitter or rhinestones. If you want to stand out, place scary and mesmerizing images of skulls, skeletons against a dark base. In addition, you can complement a mystical manicure with a matte finish.  

To create a fantastically scary look, think everything through in advance. You can always find a unique and eye-catching nail design on Get inspired and choose your favorites!  

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