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Summer Manicure and Pedicure Designs

During the summer season, young ladies strive to look stylish in order to attract the attention and enthusiastic glances of other people. But unfortunately, looking smooth requires a lot of effort, as well as mindful and regular care of your appearance. To look fantastic, we girls devote a lot of time to manicure and pedicure our pretty nails. And one can’t but admit that it looks much more eye-cathing when nail designs on hands and feet are matching.

Matching Manicure & Pedicure for Summer

Some fashion lovers are convinced that toenails are not as important as fingernails, often not being interested in various pedicure designs and nail art on their feet. Well, they should be. The more neatly the design is applied by an experienced nail technician, the more noticeable the pedicure will be. Of course, it is necessary to take modern summer manicure and pedicure trends into account so that the nail design is not only beautiful, but also trendy.

Matching Manicure & Pedicure for Summer: Experienced Nail Artists Recommend

  • Don’t get your manicure and pedicure done in a completely identical way. It is quite fashionable at the moment to decorate the big toe and 1 or 2 fingernails. Also, don’t apply a completely identical design, it is recommended that the summer pedicure and manicure are of the same style, but not completely the same.
  • Using one nail polish colour for matching pedicure and manicure is the most common technique, and such nails look extremely feminine and neat. The classic color is red. The scarlet tone on the nails looks gentle and elegant. A simple matte manicure will be great as well. Velvety nails look softer and much more modest than shiny ones.
  • Delicate nude. Nude colours have been trending for several years already. Delicate nude shades make the girls look feminine and fragile. For those who are keen on minimalistic nail art, this is the perfect option for everyday life. Your gorgeous nude nails are sure to please you with their neat look for a long period of time.
  • Classic French manicure design is normally chosen by the girls who appreciate style and elegance of their image. It can be done even on short nails, and in this case the line is located on the side of the cuticle. This visually lengthens the nail, giving the manicure and pedicure a classy look.
  • Elegant ombre manicure design. No manicure or pedicure looks better than smooth colour transitions of an ombre technique. This style is most suitable for the hot summer season, so feel free to surprise your loved ones with extraordinary shades of nail polish. Unleash your imagination and experiment using three or more colours to create super stylish nail art designs!


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