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Short Everyday Hairstyles

Hairstyles for every day

Many ladies these days prefer short haircuts, but this does not make them less feminine. Even with a short length, you can choose for yourself a stunning hairstyle that will add volume, liveliness to your hair and look incredibly feminine.

For women

In 2023, the favorites catalog included not only attractive, but also comfortable, easily implemented women's styling for a short length. Among them:

  • flagella;
  • mischievous ponytails;
  • playful curls;
  • sloppy bunch;
  • braids.


The variety of hairstyles for short hair for every day is amazing. Horns remain among the invariably popular styles. They look great on young girls and girls, especially, they are relevant at informal meetings. You can create this styling on top of your head by gathering all your hair, or leave a few cute strands.


Curls are suitable for all little girls, young girls and adult women. On a short length you can create:

  • messy curls;
  • Hollywood wave;
  • large curls;
  • small curls.

This hairstyle looks airy and feminine, you just need to find the one that suits you. You can complement the curls with a bright scarf or minimalistic hairpins.


The spikelet looks great not only at good, but also at short length. You can braid such a braid in the middle, leave two on the sides, or connect a pair of braids into a ponytail. Weaving in the form of a rim will attract the attention of others. An unusual solution will be a spikelet that turns into Malvink's hairstyle or a combination with curls. You can complement such a braid with a bright satin ribbon.


The bundle at all times looks laconic and romantic. Over the entire existence of styling, there have been a great many options for performing the beam.


Tied curls at the crown, back of the head or below.

Sloppy bunch

The strands are collected at the top of the head, and for the effect of carelessness, a couple of strands are released.

French braid and bun

French braids that turn into a bun are considered an impeccable and interesting option.


It is considered the most laconic and graceful hairstyle for every day.

High beam

One of the most versatile and lightest options for daily wear.

For men

Hairstyles with braids on a model haircut look especially attractive on men - the hair is shaved on the sides, the top of the man's head is covered with an elongated hair. In this case, a braided braid is very welcome. She will add zest to the courageous image, dilute the brutality with a touch of sweetness. A French braid in combination with shaved temples looks no less attractive.

You will always find beautiful and original styling ideas for men, women, little princesses and princes on our website Here are the works of the best masters from all over the world. Specify your city, check out the portfolio of hairdressers and choose the best specialists just outside your home or work.

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