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With short hair dreadlocks for women

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Dreadlocks have become a popular element of an extraordinary and stylish image quite a long time ago. This technique is widely adopted in plenty of countries partly due to the people’s mentality, sometimes because of their occupation, or even because it was another fashion trend.

Dreadlocks look rather crazy, but they still have their charm and attractiveness, especially when matched with the right jewelry or colours. Are you interested in getting dreadlocks? Check out dozens of dreadlock hairstyle ideas on our website to book an appointment with an experienced hairstylist in your city.

What’s amazing is that dreadlocks originated from ancient hairstyles: our ancestors braided their hair this way long time ago. Just like any other type of braiding, some additional elements such as threads, wires and ribbons can be woven into dreads. Standard dreadlock weaving is normally based on your own hair.

Modern fashionistas often use artificial dreadlocks, which are made from kanekalon or felt. Depending on the material and weaving, dreadlocks may be of different types.

List Of Pros Of Dreadlocks

  • Such hairstyle looks fascinating and unusual, although people consider it to be bizzare sometimes. But depending on the structure and color of the hair, it can look elegant and feminine - it all depends on your taste and purpose.
  • This hairstyle almost reduces hair loss completely; the hairs simply cannot fall out of the hairstyle. In addition, the scalp is recovered and strengthened. That’s why dreadlocks are a great option for those with thin hair.
  • Due to their structure, the dreadlocks are quite easy to handle. They can be a part of some extraordinary hair styling.
  • There is no need to get your hair done every moring, since dreadlocks are a ready-made styling option.
  • You don’t need to wash your hair often, and despite the popular belief, parasites do not get in them, and the hair itself becomes less greasy. It would be enough to wash your hair every couple of weeks. If you do it more often, they can become very fluffy.
  • Nothing could cheer you up better than an original and unconventional hairstyle, huh? 

List Of Cons Of Dreadlocks

  • Perhaps, the first trouble a person with dreadlocks faces is negative public opinion.
  • The process of weaving, or rather felting dreadlocks, is quite painful, therefore, it’s difficult to cope with it emotionally.
  • Voluminous dreadlocks really weigh a lot, so the hairstyle won’t be comfortable to wear, and sometimes it’d even give you a hard time.
  • It can take a long time for the scalp to get used to the washing regime and to a new hairstyle in general.
  • Taking dreads off is painful.
  • Weaving dreadlocks isn’t a cheap procedure.

In any case, dreadlocks look hot, so check out the photos of dreads made by our hairstylists and get inspired!


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