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If you have long weaves, you can quickly transform them into beautiful Viking hair. The advantages of such braids are obvious, they are:

  • do not require frequent washing;
  • looks great at any length;
  • do not need daily styling.

African men's braids

Afro-braids in men add masculinity and brutality to the image. They consist of many thin, loose braids. With their help, you can create unusual patterns on the head - even stripes, zigzag or waveform. Braids are braided along the entire length, starting from the very root. To give the image a zest, you can add bright threads or weave kanekalons.

Short pigtails

This solution is available for guys with short hair. Consider the most popular short hair weaves:

  • are thick. In this version, the braid should be 1-2 cm thick, while in the classic - no more than 2-3 mm;
  • with kanekalon. This is an artificial material, thanks to which you can make more voluminous and longer bundles;
  • braids gathered at the back of the head. Most often they go in tandem with shaved temples. Look great both in casual style and with a business suit;
  • braids. This is a variety of fine braids that can be gathered into a ponytail or bun.

African Kanekalon Braids

This is an artificial material that resembles human hair in structure. An accessory of a certain color is woven directly into the braid, thereby giving it density and volume. This solution will always help you look stylish and bright.

Men's Afro-braids look very fresh, beautiful and attract the attention of others. You can add accessories such as a scarf, colorful elastic bands, wooden beads or metal rings for even more unusual results.

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