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4 Strand Braid

4-strand braid for girls

Has nature awarded a wonderful decoration - beautiful curls? You can experiment with them endlessly. We suggest decorating the head of a little lady with a non-trivial weaving - a 4-strand braid.

The unique hairstyle is suitable for hair of any structure, but the length is from the shoulders down. On short strands, a beautiful braid will not work.

A 4-strand braid forms an exquisite mosaic. In order for the weaving to work, you need to meet several conditions.

  1. Rinse hair thoroughly.
  2. Achieve perfect smoothness of the strands. It is advisable to straighten curls by nature with an iron in advance.
  3. Very fluffy hair must be pre-moistened, and rare hair must be brushed slightly.
  4. Prepare the necessary tools for the hairstyle in advance: a massage brush, a comb, a spray bottle with water, hairpins and elastic bands.

Hairdressers have developed more than a dozen different patterns for weaving braids from four strands. The easiest way is to cross the two extreme curls, followed by the interweaving of the central ones.

The rest of the options are more difficult to perform, the beauty of their weaving depends on the level of skill and experience of the hairdresser. Models such as a Celtic knot, a basket and a 3D braid look very nice. To understand the algorithm, it is better to use visualization and master classes on well-known video hosting sites. On our site, we offer an excellent photo selection of skillful hairstyles from side, straight, serpentine, lush and even DNA braids. The works are presented by artists from all over the world, which you can sign up for online.

4-strand braid with design elements

Four-strand hairstyles are unique in that professional hairdressers create creative variations of the classics based on the basic weaving. Braids are perfectly combined with a cascade of loose curls, a crown, voluminous horns. Braided curls can be twisted into a lush bun, surround a high roller with them, and form a French "waterfall".

But the most delicious thing is the ability to decorate with various elements. Braids welcome the weaving of textile and strass ribbons, pearl threads, elastic tiaras. Fashionable floral elements and other trendy decorations add a special charm to the hairstyle.

With flowers

To create an elegant lookhairdressers suggest using small bouquets and buds of natural or artificial flowers. The color scheme is selected individually, taking into account the outfit of the young fashionista, the shade of her hair and the texture of the hairstyle.

A positive moment lies in the decor, which will add a touch of tenderness and playfulness to the styling of braids with flowers. But try to use high-quality flora, because it is more durable, does not crumble and does not lose brightness in the rain and direct sunlight.


Even a minimal set of decorative elements will emphasize the textured beauty of a four-strand braid. Use dainty hair brooches, bows, hairpins, hairpins, combs, beads, strass threads, satin and velvet ribbons, tiaras and hoops.

Any of the listed decorations will add sophistication to the image. But don't overdo it. A braid on a girl - a complex, bright hairstyle that does not tolerate an abundance of details and glamorous shine. Be guided by the basic rule: "less is more."

The presented photos perfectly demonstrate that even with complex weaves, you can create original hairstyles. Don't be afraid of everything new! Feel free to learn how to weave beautiful braids for yourself and your little lady, add a touch of originality and variety to everyday and festive looks.

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