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Long Length Cascade Haircut

We have gathered an extensive photo collection of cascade haircuts for long hair. So do not hesitate to check it out, find a hairdresser from your city and book your appointment. Take a look at the huge variety of photos of works by pro hairdressers at and choose your favorite one. We guarantee that you will definitely find a worthy option that you will like among these unique works.

Today, a multi-layered cascade haircut is getting closer to become the classics of beauty. This option is nice because there are no even cuts and it is suitable for all hair types. The cascade type haircut adds splendor to hair, and looks spectacular on both young and mature women. A cascade haircut for long hair is feminine and elegant; it looks interesting and flatters any face shape.

When the cascade is done, long hair is cut in layers of different lengths, starting from the top of the head. As a result, smooth transitions are obtained, and because of that the hairstyle gains additional volume. The new haircut allows you to significantly refresh the image, the hair looks incredibly graceful and attracts tons of attention - it looks just like a waterfall, falling down gradually, and rapidly flowing down the shoulders and back.

There is an equally popular type of haircut for long hair – cascade haircut with bangs. This hairstyle can be complemented by the common straight, oblique, long or ragged bangs. The bangs are more suitable for ladies who have straight or curly hair.

Cascade Haircut Options for Long Hair:

• graduated, where the strands are cut at a certain angle;

• shaggy - bold and daring, but very creative;

• asymmetrical. Made for progressive and active people without any insecurities;

• double cascade. This kind of cascade consists of two layers: a ‘cap’ at the top smoothly transforms into the main section of the hair;

• voluminous cascade. It’s just perfect for those with thin hair. Such haircut will flatter the face shape, add volume and splendor to the hair.


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