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Haircuts for Thin Hair

Still not sure which haircut to choose for thin and sparse hair? Take a look at the phot collection of works by hairdressers from all over the world, gathered in an extensive collection on our website. Also, do not miss out on the excellent opportunity to choose a hairdresser from your city, fill in the form and book your appointment online.

Surely all girls want to have gorgeous thick hair, because such hair allows you to experiment and create real hairstyling masterpieces. Even the simplest haircut will look extremely different on thin and thick hair.

Not only constant stress, illness, anxiety, as well as bad environment have a strong impact on the health of the hair. Some women have naturally thin hair and often have problems styling, fixating and cutting it.

First of all, hairdressers highly recommend not to get the so-called ‘boy cut’ or any of the haircuts that are too short. For a haircut of this type, the head must be of the perfect shape, which is extremely rare. Meanwhile, a short haircut will emphasize everything you would like to hide.

Cutting your hair with thinning scissors is also not the best thing to do: obviously, the fact that your hair is thin will become even more noticeable, which will ruin the whole hair look. If you want to get a new a haircut, it's best to contact an experienced hair stylist. The hairdresser will professionally add some volume to the hair using a variety of hairdressing tools and cutting techniques.

The perfect length for thin hair is the earlobe or chin length. To give some more lightness to thin hair, you need to ruffle it a little bit at the very roots when drying. You can use a special mousse or a simple styling gel. However, wax should not be used, as it will make the hair look heavy and the styling will not last. The most suitable haircut for girls with thin hair is a multi-layered one. Experienced hairdressers are sure to give it an extremely attractive look.

● When choosing a haircut for thin hair, be sure to consider the type of your face: if it is round, then try getting a bob cut with bangs. It looks like a common shoulder length cut, has soft contours, and the bangs will cover the forehead and gently, femininely outline the chin.

● Alternatively, you can try a pixie - a popular haircut with a funny name. Medium haircut length and voluminous bangs will make your hair look luxurious, and by putting the rest of your hair into a ponytail, you can end up creating a longer hair effect.

Stylists strongly recommend nourishing thin hair with healing baths and masks, since the daily use of mousses and gels, no matter how good they are, can damage the hair and scalp. And keep one thing in mind: it is not difficult to choose and get a fashionable haircut that is perfect for you, the main thing is to find an excellent hairdresser at!


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