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Flattop Haircut

If you're looking for flattop haircut, you've come to the right place. We've gathered a collection of our favorite flattop haircut to give you some inspiration.

Flattop for men

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The flattop haircut for men was one of the most popular haircuts in the 80s, and now it has come back not only in its classic, but also in an updated version.

A large photo catalog of flattop haircuts by professional hairdressers from all over the world is presented on theYou website. Don’t hesitate to check out the collection of photos and choose your favorite one, taking into account your personal features. Besides, don't miss out on the opportunity to find a hairdresser from your city and book an appointment online.

Popular Types of Men's Flattop Haircut:

• classic version;

• elongated flattop;

• flattop cut with shaved patterns on the sides.

The distinguishing feature of the flattop haircut is doing a flat horizontal cut at the top of the head, where it is necessary to observe the perfect geometric shapes as well as evenness of the lines. The hair on the sides and the top of the head is shortened as much as possible, and the geometrically correct vertical line of the hair is put up using fading technique.

The flattop haircut is just perfect for any type of hair (especially thick and stiff hair; since smooth hair will take much more time to style) and has no age limits. The only drawback of a flattop is that it is not recommended for men who have first signs of baldness.


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