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Air Touch Hair Coloring for Dark Blonde Hair

Airtach for long blond hair

Airy Airtouch on a long-haired fair-haired girl - luxurious play of shades gives the curls a well-groomed, expensive look. The only drawback of performing the technique at a good length is the length of the process. However, after the staining procedure, you can enjoy the magnificent result of the master's work for a long time. In addition, a good length gives room for a flight of imagination: on long hair, you can safely perform complex transitions, use more than two colors when toning. Honey, platinum and ash tones will go well with light brown curls.

For medium hair

The fashionable technique also looks great on medium-length strands, presenting a smooth color transition. The medium length allows the craftsman to experiment with the application of paint, for example, to step a little more from the roots. Airtouch will add a rich shine to the look and will attract the attention of others in both curly and straight lines.

On a square (up to the shoulders)

Girls with short hair are well aware of how quickly roots grow back. Airtouch dyeing will help solve the problem and allow you to look your best at all times. It will hide the growing roots with a smooth transition to a different tone. In addition, airtach adds visual volume to the hairstyle and makes the bob cut more delightful. On blond hair, you can use unusual tones, such as ash, wheat and others.

Ash airtach

Fair-haired girls look natural, but slightly faded. The ash color helps to solve the problem in the modern world of fashion. It looks especially good in combination with the regrowth technique. This trendy combination creates a stunning effect that will keep you looking natural while making you stand out from the fair-haired crowd.

Airtach + toning

Light Airtouch on light brown strands creates luxurious play of colors that play beautifully in the light. To maintain the effect of only dyed hair, the strands should be tinted periodically. The procedure is best done in the salon: this way it will be possible to achieve not only a high-quality result, but also not to damage the structure of the curls. An experienced master will select a suitable shade, with which the hairstyle and your look will sparkle in a new way.

After staining, experts advise purchasing a sulfate-free shampoo forcolored hair, allowing you to enjoy a flawless result longer. It is also worth regularly using nourishing balms and masks that restore hair after dyeing and maintain its healthy appearance.

Airtouch is a deservedly versatile technique that looks great on both a business woman and a middle manager. Choose fresh and fashionable ideas of natural dyeing on the website. Watch, rate and sign up to the best masters of your city.

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