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Thick Eyebrows

Those girls who have naturally thick eyebrows are incredibly lucky, because not every girl can boast eyebrows like that. Moreover, flat thick eyebrows, as if not even touched with tweezers, are definitely in vogue today and are very likely to remain popular for quite a long time.

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Pros of Thick Brows:

  • they give expressiveness to the whole look;
  • such eyebrows make the proportions of the face look better balanced;
  • you can experiment with various eyebrow arch looks (soft, flat, rounded, steep, high, S-shaped).

Thick Eyebrows Are Perfect for the Girls:

  • with correct facial features;
  • with big eyes;
  • with sensual lips.

If you are dreaming of thick eyebrows, do not hesitate to contact a theYou brow specialist online, and he or she will tell you whether this brow shape is suitable for you and will provide you with some tips on how to achieve the desired result.


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