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Let’s Do It on Valentine’s Day: The Best Matching Couple Tattoos


When you’re in love, you want to dress in the same style, watch the sunset and go hiking or parachuting together — in short, do romantic and sometimes crazy things with each other. Every once in a while, some truly adventurous couples come up with the idea to get matching tattoos. Let’s look at possible couple tattoo designs and ways to choose the right one for you.

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Couple Tattoos: What to Take into Account

Matching tattoos are a small, yet strong link that can bind lovers even closer together. Most likely, forever. This is why you should carefully choose your future tattoos.

When deciding on the design, think of something that can be the symbol of your relationship, for example, references to memorable events and emotions, signs or inside jokes only the two of you can understand. All this can inspire an original idea of meaningful matching tattoos. You can attach a special meaning even to the simplest motif.

Choose a sketch, which idea and style appeal to both of you. If you have similar tastes, but can’t agree on the design, find a compromise: for example, you could get different pictures in the same style. In this case, consider watercolor tattoos — they look jaw-dropping.

When you get the idea that you want matching tattoos, you should be sure that your love will last forever. Because your tattoos will. If you have even a hint of doubt, go for neutral designs and motifs: these tattoos can be creatively transformed if your love story has a sad ending.

Tip: If you can’t think of your own matching tattoo idea, ask a tattoo artist for a sketch and show them examples of tattoos that are the closest to the style and idea you have in mind. You can look for options in the theYou gallery.

Best Ideas of Matching Couple Tattoos

Hearts are a go-to design for couples. But what other ideas are there?

Identical or Different?

Small identical and symmetrical couple tattoos look adorable.

It’s not necessary, however, to get identical tattoos. You can choose a split couple tattoo in the form of a jigsaw puzzle, when a tattoo is cut into two pieces that are inked separately on each partner. This way the design will be complete only when the two of you are together, giving a whole new meaning to the tattoo.

Here are some possible motifs:

  • lock and key
  • the Moon and the Sun
  • yin and yang.

Another variation of a split tattoo is a tattoo with a continuation, for example, a phrase or picture that starts on the body of one person and ends on the body of the other.

Rings and Dates

You won’t take off a ring or forget a date inked into your skin. These couple tattoo designs are for those who are absolutely confident in their feelings and the future of their relationship. Couples commonly opt for dates of their first meeting, first date, engagement or wedding day. Sometimes dates are tattooed in the form of a ring.

Infinity Symbol

This tattoo clearly says: “Our love is infinite”.

Pulse Line

Pulse line tattoos are meant to symbolize hot and passionate feelings and emotions. Heartbeat tattoos can come in creative variations, with the pulse line bending into the name of your partner or a heart or continuing on the partner’s wrist.


Couples can get the same love quote or divide one in two parts for a split tattoo.

King and Queen

King and queen tattoos represent the love of two strong and noble people, whose relationship is unique and blessed by the sky. Here are some options of such tattoos: crowned dates or initials, a crowned lion and lioness, crowned king and queen cards.

Animals and Birds

Animals and birds often get featured in matching couple tattoos. Pigeons, lovebirds, deer, and pandas are the most common picks for couple tattoos. Wolves are also frequently chosen by couples as these animals are known for being loyal partners.


Roses, tulips, forget-me-nots, lavender, lilac, and laceleaf are common flowers for matching tattoos. It might be difficult to turn a flower tattoo into a couple one as some men might oppose this idea.

Celestial Bodies

Stars, planets, and other celestial bodies can be beautifully arranged as matching tattoos for lovers.

Book and Movie Characters

Every couple has their favorite TV show, book, or movie. Sometimes they even want to associate themselves with certain characters. There are plenty of ideas of matching tattoos inspired by books and movies to choose from.

Choosing a Perfect Placement for Your Couple Tattoo

When you’re choosing a tattoo placement, ask each other whether you want your couple tattoos to be visible or to remain your small intimate secret. Plus, don’t forget that some areas are more sensitive than others.

Here are the least painful areas:

  • the back
  • biceps
  • shoulders
  • arms and legs.

Very sensitive areas include:

  • elbows
  • wrists
  • shoulder blades
  • ankles
  • feet
  • back of the knee
  • ribs
  • the neck.

Finger Couple Tattoos

Wrist Couple Tattoos

Arm Couple Tattoos

Clavicle Couple Tattoos

Shoulder Couple Tattoos

Rib Couple Tattoos

Leg Couple Tattoos

A matching couple tattoo that you get together will become not only an intimate talisman and an additional bond between you, but also a memorable adventure.

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