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Jellyfish Tattoos: Meanings and Design Ideas


Sea-themed tattoos with sea creatures are for people who love the water element and feel a connection with it. A jellyfish design is one of such motifs. This sea creature represents a combination of elegance and beauty with threat and danger. Let’s look at some common meanings of this imagery.

General Meanings of Jellyfish Tattoos

Such imagery is commonly associated with a quiet and peaceful life, self-acceptance, and harmony with the world. Ink depicting this sea creature can be seen on practitioners of yoga and other Eastern practices. In their case, the symbolism of a tattoo can be the following:

  • spiritual growth
  • tranquillity and balance
  • acceptance of oneself and the order of things
  • elation
  • search for one’s path in life
  • openness to the world
  • friendliness and love
  • creativity and the desire to improve.

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People who sport a jellyfish tattoo may be in no haste, have a strong intuition and be able to find solutions to any situation, no matter how difficult. A jellyfish tattoo channels your inner freedom and the desire for constant improvement. A person’s seeming languidness reflects inner strength. Such people are open to the world and rarely make mistakes. They know well that what is meant to happen — will happen.

Wearers of jellyfish tattoos often attribute their personal meanings to the imagery. It can have both positive and negative connotations, as jellyfish are poisonous animals that can be deadly.

Jellyfish Tattoo Meanings for Women and Men

Body art depicting a jellyfish is a versatile option for everyone. It can be seen on many people whose profession has something to do with the sea, including sailors, divers, surfers, etc. But there are many more interpretations of such designs.

For Men

On men, the image of this marine creature can symbolise the following:

  • self-improvement
  • versatility
  • support
  • moving forward despite difficulties
  • nonchalance and resolve
  • the ability to defend yourself.

For Women

A jellyfish tattoo on a woman may serve to highlight her natural elegance and beauty as well her unique personality. It can also speak of

  • resourcefulness in difficult situations
  • carefree attitude to problems
  • good socialization skills
  • a different approach to problem-solving.

Despite seeming amiability and friendliness, wearers of jellyfish tattoos can easily defend themselves, push ill-wishers out of their personal space, and ‘sting’ someone, putting them in their place. As a prison tattoo, a jellyfish on a woman speaks of her readiness to get revenge and restore justice. Such a tattoo on a man in prison symbolises his distrust of women and the unfaithfulness of his partner. 

Pretty Placements for Jellyfish Tattoos

Men commonly go for back jellyfish tattoos. The back is a perfect canvas for large pieces with many details and hidden elements representing episodes from the wearer’s life. One of the most astonishing designs is a jellyfish swimming in space amidst planets, comets, and constellations.

Here are some common placements for jellyfish tattoos

  • legs
  • thighs
  • hands
  • wrists
  • buttocks
  • shoulders
  • lower stomach
  • feet.

Jellyfish Tattoos: Suitable Styles and Popular Motifs

The jellyfish is a nimble, ethereal creature. For this tattoo, it’s better to steer clear of thick lines.


The watercolor style resembles watercolor paintings of artists. Such tattoos are all about vivid colors. Watercolor tattoos are a frequent pick of women.


This style aims at creating photorealistic images on the skin. A jellyfish against the background of a sea scenery in the realistic style looks especially stunning.


A jellyfish in the dotwork style is tattooed in black and white dots.


This style executes designs on the skin with short brushes.

Popular designs

  • in white
  • with flowers
  • in a cartoonish style
  • with space motifs
  • in a triangle or another geometric figure.

Summing Up

A jellyfish tattoo speaks of its wearer as a harmonious, open, and level-headed person with good intuition and self-defense skills. This motif is versatile and can suit anyone. In any case, this all depends on the personal meanings every wearer attaches to their ink. What will be the meaning of your jellyfish tattoo?

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