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Hairstyles with Flowers: Feminine, Elegant and Stylish


Hairstyles with flowers are sure to add romance, elegance, mystery to the whole look. Since ancient times, girls have been decorating their hair with fresh flowers: roses, lilies, and freesias. The Slavs still have a tradition to decorate their heads with wreaths made of fresh wildflowers. 

According to legends, such plants as periwinkle, lily, calendula and chamomile, if woven into strands, serve not only as a decoration, but also are a talisman against evil eyes and damage. Hairstyles with flowers have not lost their relevance for today’s fashionistas either. They look equally beautiful on long and short haircuts, allow you to experiment and, bring zest to your look.

Flowers in Hair

To create a romantic, unique look, professional hair stylists use a huge variety of flowers:

  • roses;
  • lilies;
  • chrysanthemums;
  • orchids;
  • lilies of the valley;
  • lavender;
  • daisies, etc.

The main rule is to choose the exact flower or composition that will go well with the outfit and emphasize your unique style. Hairstyles with flowers or plants are appropriate for festive events:

  • birthday;
  • anniversary;
  • wedding anniversary;
  • prom;
  • wedding.

Another win-win is wearing such hairstyle for a romantic dinner. By giving preference to floral decor elements woven into braids, you will bring romance and mystery to this evening and definitely leave a mark in the heart of your chosen one.

Bud and inflorescence decorations are relevant not only in summer, but also in winter, when everyone is waiting for the warm weather and awakening of nature. In autumn, bright decor can be easily diluted with leaves, herbs, dried flowers and berries such as mountain ash, or viburnum.

When creating a beautiful styling with fresh plants, it is important to take into account the peculiarities of working with this type of material.

  1. Since fresh flowers wither quickly, we recommend choosing freshly cut plants to use as a decoration.
  2. Until you use the flowers, it is advisable to keep them in a vase with water, in a cool place.
  3. After the hairstyle is done, it is recommended to spray the flowers with water throughout the day to maintain a fresh look.
  4. Use hairpins, invisible pins, and pins to secure the decorations - it’s the most reliable way to do this.

Elegant Hairstyles with Flowers for Kids

The most gorgeous prom, birthday or holiday hairstyle for a girl is certainly a braid with flowers. These are the most suitable ones for a kid:

  • spray roses;
  • freesia;
  • chrysanthemums with tiny buds;
  • gypsophila.

The composition is woven into a braid. In order to secure it, tape a stem to one of your hairpin ends.

Another romantic option for a girl is curls and a wreath. How to make a wreath:

  1. Wrap the decorative wire with tape along its entire length. 
  2. Add plants to the base one by one, securing the stems with a thin wire.
  3. Decorate the finished composition with a satin ribbon if you want.

Styling Steps:

  1. Treat the curls with a light styling mousse.
  2. Curl the strands using a curling iron or hot rollers.
  3. Secure the hairstyle using a styler.
  4. Put the wreath on your head, and clip hairpins on the sides.

Hairstyles with Flowers for Medium Hair

For medium-length hair, there are plenty of floral decoration options. Here are some of them:

  • styling with flowers on clips. Clips or hair pins with bright buds look best on hair that’s let down. This option will be an ideal addition to a light summer outfit and will help you look more romantic and naive;
  • styling with a flower headband. A headband decorated with a floral arrangement can be tied around the head, woven into a braid or wrapped around a bun. Any option is a win-win and looks quite original;
  • an original bun. Place the bun high on the crown of the head, securing it with hairpins or invisible hairpins. As for the flower accessories: both small and large buds will look harmonious in this case.

Short Hair and Flowers

Girls with short hair often face the problem of a very limited choice of hairstyles. But don't worry about that, we have a couple of ideas for you.

  • Romantic styling with a hair band. Use foam and a hair dryer to style your hair the way you like. When the styling is ready, put the headband with flowers on your head. Keep in mind that roses of pastel shades, white lilies, and chrysanthemums go well with short haircuts.
  • A bob cut with large curls. Using a curling iron or large diameter curlers, make sure to do the curls away from the face. Then, put a flower decoration, fixed on a hairpin, somewhere on the side.
  • 80s-inspired curls. Curl the strands using a curling iron or curlers. Seemlessly pin individual strands to the sides, decorating them with fresh flowers.

Wedding Hairstyles with Flowers

For a wedding ceremony, we advise you to do a classic ‘shell’ hairstyle, which goes perfectly well with floral decorations. Here is how to do it:

  1. Comb your hair back, twist it into a tight bun and secure it with hairpins at the crown.
  2. Decorate the ‘shell’ with small buds of white stretch roses or peonies.

If your hair is long enough, Old Hollywood curls with one or more flowers are perfect for a wedding hairstyle. For example:

  1. Sprinkle your curls with a styling spray to use a curling iron.
  2. Grab a small strand from the side and pin it with a clip. Secure fresh flowers with invisible pins or hairpins.

Another elegant hairstyle option for long hair is the French braid. Before weaving a braid, apply a little foam to the hair, then weave it and put small flowers into the braid.

Hairstyles with Flowers and Veil

There are many options for hairstyles with a veil, it all depends on the overall bridal look and the type of veil you prefer:

  1. Single-tiered. European wedding hair styling implies attaching a single-layer veil in the center of the hairstyle. The flower decoration will look best in the place where the veil is attached to the head - either in the center or on the side.
  2. Two- and three-tiered. Usually, tulle is placed under the hair, and gathered in a bun. In this case, it is advisable to decorate the bun with tiny flower buds.
  3. Veil. A small hat with a short veil covering only part of the head. The flower arrangement will look harmonious on the side or in the center. Large buds will add some brightness and luxury, small ones - tenderness and modesty.

Flowers and Trendy Hairstyle Ideas

In recent years, the beauty industry has been striving for natural looks. Therefore, the use of fresh flower arrangements when creating festive hairstyles has become more relevant than ever.

To complement your romantic look, hair stylists advise using hair jewelry with floral elements:

  • hairpins;
  • hoops;
  • headbands;
  • veils;
  • ribbons.

Just like during the previous seasons, various types of weaving are in, especially if decorated with fresh flower buds of different colors. If you have a short haircut, a floral headband will help add a touch of elegance and style to your look. Be sure that your imagination is unlimited when it comes to such hairstyles, but remember that the decoration should be in harmony with the outfit, and do not overload the hairstyle to look appropriate for the celebration.

Any hairstyle decorated with flowers makes a strong impression on others and can make people want to look at you forever.

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