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Men's Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos for men carry a meaning that's important for their wearers and is clear for other people. A tattoo helps to perpetuate some memories, significant dates, or situations. Tattooing is one of the ways to show one's views and strength of character.

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Popular Male Neck Tattoos and Their Meanings

Recently, tattoos have become mainstream. More and more new styles and tendencies emerge and gain popularity among people of different ages. Getting tattoos with meanings is becoming increasingly popular.

There are several reasons why men might get a neck tattoo. Firstly, it helps to stand out from the crowd and show your individuality. Secondly, you can cover scars or burns with them. Finally, neck tattoos are easy to hide with clothing.

Neck Tattoo Sizes

The size of a tatt depends on the person. Men often opt for full neck designs, or tattoos on the back or the side of the neck. Small sketches are commonly tattooed behind the ear; inscriptions and symbols are perfect for the front of the neck.

Common Sketches

Before getting a tattoo, it's essential to choose a sketch, its size, and placement. Many images have a unique meaning for their wearers and the people around them.


The meaning of a swallow tattoo is quite simple: it stands for freedom, youth, and good luck. However, this symbol was interpreted differently in different countries: in Ancient Greece, the swallow was considered a messenger of love, while in China it embodied changes.

Some celebrities ink swallows into their skin to attract success. To boost your luck, you can combine a swallow with a four-leaf clover or a horseshoe.


The owl signifies wisdom, extensive experience, knowledge, judgment, and calmness. However, in Japan, an owl is considered a harbinger of doom. In Europe, the bird was previously associated with witchcraft.

An owl tattoo on men might symbolize the ability to find your path in life and a way out of any difficulty. The bird with outspread wings means freedom. Thus, the meaning of your tattoo depends on the sketch and symbols you add to it.


Snake neck tattoos on men might symbolize high intelligence, constant self-development, peace of mind, and poise. An attacking snake testifies to one's aggression, determination, and desire to dominate.

To make a male snake tattoo more masculine, you can add armor or weapons.

Inscriptions and Symbols

Words or numbers often have a personal meaning. They can remind you of a loved one, a significant event, and the time when it happened. The neck is a popular placement for tattooing religious symbols. Such a tattoo testifies to one's faith.


The rose is a symbol of passionate love, eternal youth, and beauty. Those who have such a tattoo might come across as arrogant and passionate.

Rose tattoos are often combined with other elements that may have their own meaning:

  • a rose with a skull is a symbol of the loss of a loved one;
  • a rose with a dagger signify dashed hopes;

The choice of color for a male tattoo is very important. Red is the color of mercy, forgiveness, and love. Black is associated with romance, sadness, grief, and death.


Wings are considered a sign of power and greatness. A wing tattoo on the neck testifies to one's creativity, freedom, and self-improvement. It can also show a desire to strive for the best.

Angel wings symbolize innocence and spirituality. Neck tattoos for men often depict a close person's initials. Bat wings can mean evil or danger.

Possible Placements for Neck Tattoos

There are many options for where exactly to get neck tattoos for guys. They come in different sizes, from sketches that cover the entire neck to the tiniest designs. Before getting a neck tattoo, consider the style, technique, and color.


Symmetrical tattoos look unusual and gorgeous on the sides of a man's neck. Small inscriptions and large images that extend to the shoulder, back, or face are especially eye-catching.


Front neck tattoos are jaw-dropping as they are almost always on display. Such tattoos are super popular among youngsters.


Back neck tattoos for males are in high demand. You can ink a long inscription or an extended image on your neck. Small sketches are often tattooed behind the ear as they don't attract much attention.

Styles and Techniques

Old school style has already gained ground in the world of body art. In addition, New school style attracts with its bright and eye-catching sketches.


Etching tattoo style (Woodcut) is renowned for its peculiar shading technique. Woodcut tattoos are characterized by a high level of detail and soft shades. Cool neck tattoos for men are done with black ink and fine lines.

New School

New school style is all about large sketches, bold black outlines, and vivid colors.

Old School

Old school style is distinguished by its limited designs. Compared to other styles, old school implies the use of bold black outlines and saturated colors, such as red, yellow, black, and green.


Biomechanical tattoos depict intricate machine elements like wires, electronic panels, gears, etc.


Realism is one of the most trendy tattooing styles for guys. As realism neck tattoos are extremely detailed, they look like photographs.

The choice of a tattooing style depends mostly on the desired color scheme. The best neck tattoos for men can be done in color or black&white. Black ink is used for outlining or creating inscriptions and symbols.

Old school and new school tattoos imply the use of bright shades. If you want to get your own sketch inked on the body, you can ask a tattoo artist to do it in color or black&white. If the tattoo is originally black and white, you can upgrade it by adding vivid colors. However, color tattoos fade over time faster than black ones, so they require touch ups.

Getting a neck tattoo might be extremely painful as the neck is an area with many blood vessels, which may cause pain if you reach them. Plus, the skin on the neck is thin and delicate. Brave and strong men get neck tattoos to feel confident and more masculine.

It's the man himself who decides which neck tattoo to get. Many guys ink into their skin images that show their personality and lifestyle. Neck tattoos for men can also remind of a significant event or a loved one.

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