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Lion on the shoulder: tattoo with a masculine character

Lion tattoo refers to male drawings. On the pumped up shoulder muscles, both an animal with a fierce grin and a pacified predator looks equally impressive. The message directly depends on the nature of the picture, additional details.

Fixed lion on the shoulder: interpretation of the tattoo

The image with the resting king of beasts breathes with calmness, nobility and prudence. This tattoo is stuffed in different variations. It can be just the face of an animal or a complete drawing of a predator. A lion's shoulder tattoo in this form embodies certain traits of a person's character.

  • A predator looking into the distance is associated with inner calmness, the ability to make balanced decisions without being led by emotions.
  • A lion with an open, bold look is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, the ability to boldly express thoughts, prove your own point of view. Such a tattoo can act as a good luck charm.
  • A regal animal means awareness of one's own spiritual, physical strength, the ability to defend justice, protect loved ones, and fight troubles.
  • If the head of a predator is decorated with a crown, the tattoo embodies an open claim for leadership in all spheres of life, the desire for absolute power. Young people often choose the image of a lion with a crown to emphasize respect for their father, to mark his unquestioning authority.

Lion tattoo on the shoulder: drawing with aggressive behavior of a predator

If the image of a fierce, angry predator is chosen as a sketch for a lion tattoo on the shoulder, the drawing carries a characteristic sharp message.

  • The grinning mouth of the king of beasts is a symbol of inaccessibility, a hidden threat. Such characteristics appear when a person loses patience and is forced to step over a calm disposition, demonstrating open aggression to protect loved ones.
  • Tattoo with an open mouth of a lion means the desire to help the weak, the focus on fighting injustice.
  • If a bared animal prepares to jump, there is a desire to go to the set goals, bypassing any obstacles.

A lion tattoo is always filled with powerful energy that extends to the wearer of the wearable design. Therefore, it is advisedto choose strong personalities, able to match the lion's "charisma" and nobility.

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