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The meaning of the fox tattoo: what is hidden under the cunning image

The meaning of a fox tattoo is largely due to the historically established attitude towards this beast in different world cultures. For the Chinese population, foxes are still a symbol of longevity, the Japanese associate prosperity and abundance with their image. Respect for animals was manifested by the desire to decorate the porch of the house, the entrance to the holy cloisters with figures of animals sculpted from clay. In farming circles, it was believed that a toy fox with barn keys in its teeth promoted increased prosperity and a good harvest.

Modern fox tattoos indicate that their owners have the following qualities:

  • savvy mind;
  • agility in action and thought;
  • cunning, deceit;
  • independence;
  • narcissism and vanity.

A beautiful Japanese-style fox tattoo embodies the desire to develop and improve one's spiritual origin. Such a pattern on the thigh, arm, chest or back will ideally complement the image of people striving for personal growth, strengthening intuition, observation.

Do not forget that cunning forest animals are nocturnal predators, so they, like no one else, know how to lure victims into their traps, acting imperceptibly and extremely carefully. In connection with this feature, the fox tattoo is associated with deception and temptation, but not only for selfish purposes. Often, the fox, as a body decor, carries a positive message, emphasizing non-standard thinking, charm and charisma, and liberation. In addition, the owners of such tattoos always know their worth and go through life with their heads held high.

Features of fox tattoo for girls

Fox tattoos are most often chosen by young girls to emphasize their own sexuality and playfulness. With the help of a thematic drawing, girls demonstrate other aspects of their personality:

  • experience in many areas of life;
  • no shyness;
  • extraordinary personality;
  • cunning;
  • confidence in your irresistibility.

If a mature woman chooses fox tattoo designs, the wearable decor becomes a confirmation of her wisdom, her ability to get out of the most delicate situations without prejudice to herself and loved ones. Also, a fox tattoo on the stomach, chest, other part of the body hidden from prying eyes -a sign of a special inner worldview, a unique ability to meet and overcome troubles with dignity.

A fox tattoo decorating a female body is separately interpreted. The baby animal personifies the gullibility of its owner, an easy attitude to life.

Fox Tattoos for Men

For men, the key value of fox tattoos is resourcefulness, the ability to make the right decisions in problem situations. Another interpretation concerns personal relationships - a fox on a male body personifies unconditional loyalty to the chosen one.

Among the numerous photos of fox tattoos for a male audience, drawings in the Celtic style stand out separately. Their main purpose is protection from danger, fire elements, awakening intuition, caution. The red-haired animal acts as a motivator for acquiring new knowledge, acquiring worldly wisdom. Also, the image of a fox in a characteristic drawing is a talisman that protects against theft.

The fox in a trap looks original on the body of a man, symbolizing internal anxiety, a constant struggle between the light and dark sides of the personality. If an animal does not have a paw in the picture, this is a sign of the exceptional value of personal freedom.

Tattoo colors - are monochrome pictures appropriate

Numerous photos of fox tattoos demonstrate a different approach to wearable decor. The best images are obtained with the following performance styles.

  • Tribal - with the creation of the appearance of an animal, traced with ethnic patterns.
  • Faeries - create miniature compositions.
  • Geometry - with a clear drawing of the contours, the predominance of strict lines and figures in the image.
  • A watercolor style for creating a colorful masterpiece with a blurry effect of colors, playing with contrasts.

Realism will also be appropriate if the fox depicts not statically, but in a certain position:

  • a bright drawing with a pronounced grin of a beast emphasizes internal aggression, anger that comes out if there is an acute feeling of injustice;
  • an animal curled up in a ball indicates the priority of family values, the desire to show zabuota, but also emphasizes the vulnerability of the owner of the tattoo;
  • detailed "live" eyes of the animal symbolize curiosity, interest inunknown.

There are no special requirements for the color of the tattoo. But there are a number of points regarding the meanings of monochrome and bright saturated pictures.

Black Fox

A fox tattoo in black and white looks especially impressive and original if created in a geometric style. Small elements that create a single image allow you to convey the message of the tattoo as accurately as possible, emphasizing the inner grace of the animal, its caution, a look filled with wisdom.

Monochrome tattoos with a fox are the best solution for men who do not like bright colors.

Color drawing

Colored images of a fox are a predominance of a palette of orange, red, yellow shades that best reflect the essence of the animal. And in the center, they often make the face of the animal, focusing on its expression (evil or good-natured), eyes. For example, a noticeable squint indicates a person's insight, the ability to reveal a lie.

Tattoos with spotted or brown foxes look interesting. The interweaving of flowers symbolizes non-standard thinking, the ability to get out of any life situations without loss.

If a sketch of a fancy big-eared fenech is chosen for the tattoo, the priority is a yellow-beige palette close to the natural tones of the beast. This pattern emphasizes exceptional endurance, extravagance, easy adaptation to any living conditions. It is advisable to make the tattoo bright enough, but small in size.

Where better to get a fox tattoo

The choice of a place for a fox tattoo depends on the size of the picture, the style in which it will be filled, additional decor. The universal site can be called the forearm, back, thigh. Both minimalistic and three-dimensional realistic pictures are appropriate here, complemented by details that enhance the message - floral arrangements, feathers, etc.

On hand

On the forearm, a tattoo with an animal depicted in full growth looks advantageous and unusual. It can be a lurking or creeping fox, symbolizing observation, caution. In the area of ​​the wrist, images of an animal with outstretched legs are appropriate, as a symbol of curiosity, or just a fox's face, demonstrating certain emotions, internal sensations.

On the leg

The fox on the leg is also performed in different styles and sizes. The leg is usuallydecorate with plot compositions, complementing the image of the animal with pictures of nature, plant motifs, mythical characters. On the ankle, you can fill a miniature drawing, using a fox as a talisman to enhance intuition.

On the hip

Large-scale paintings with a sitting or standing full-length fox, beautifully spreading out her gorgeous fluffy tail as a sign of prosperity, are appropriate here. Monochrome in this case is inferior to colorful bright drawings, allowing you to create a realistic "live" image. If the tattoo is intended for a young girl, a cartoon design popular in youth circles is also added to the styles listed above, recommended by the masters, for hip tattoos.

If the chanterelle is considered not only as a beautiful decoration of the body, there are two ways to treat such a tattoo, balancing between the positive and negative meaning of the picture. The final interpretation largely depends on the personal characteristics of a person, the correspondence of his inner world to the character of a wild beast.

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