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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Eyebrow tattooing is one of the most common services. Many of the fair sex have been using it for many years. The essence of the procedure consists in applying a special coloring pigment, which is injected into the upper layers of the skin. The main advantage of this manipulation is the inability to wash off the paint for a long time. After the procedure of permanent dyeing of the eyebrows, an expressive look and perfect contours of the eyebrow lines are obtained.

In beauty salons, beauty salons and masters, several options for eyebrow tattooing technologies are offered:

  1. Hair technique. The technique is one of the most popular varieties. During the procedure, the master draws each hair by applying strokes. Hair permanent dyeing of eyebrows is performed in two techniques: European and Eastern. In the first version, the hairs are applied in the same size, and in the second, in different sizes. Eastern technique is more complicated and requires great skill of specialists. With the help of the hair technique, you can easily achieve the desired thickness of the eyebrows. The procedure itself takes about two hours. The rehabilitation period after such manipulation is several days. This is due to the application of small punctures. A month after the procedure, you need to visit the master for correction. Depending on the skin type, the result may last from 6 to 12 months.
  2. Shadow tattoo. The result of the procedure will delight the hostess from 2 to 3 years. To update the color, you need to make a correction annually. During the procedure, the paint can be applied in different ways - it is possible to apply shadow pigment or soft shading.
  3. Powdery eyebrow tattoo. It belongs to the most modern technologies. The essence of the procedure is to blend the coloring pigment under the top layer of the skin. Many people are attracted by this procedure because of the absence of pain throughout the session. The effect of the procedure lasts for three years, and the process itself lasts about an hour.
  4. Watercolor technology. Refers to the most advanced tattooing techniques. It consists in applying pigment only to the desired part of the eyebrow. Water-color brows look more natural.

Winning benefits in case of contacting a professional tattoo artist:

  • qualifications and relevant experience;
  • receivinghigh-quality eyebrow tattoo;
  • professional color matching;
  • choosing the ideal eyebrow shape;
  • adherence to technology;
  • use of certified dyes;
  • availability of modern equipment and professional devices. presents an extensive catalog of works of tattoo specialists from all over the world. We offer you to look at the collection of examples with photos "before" and "after" and choose the permanent dyeing of eyebrows that suits you, and then sign up to the master who is next to you.

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