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Bottom Lash Line Tattoo

Lower eyelid tattoo - permanent makeup using tattoo pigment on the lower eyelash line. Depending on personal preference, you can choose a special technique for tattooing the lower eyelids:

  • inter-eyelash pigmentation ("inter-eyelash");
  • in thin lines;
  • feather arrows.

Not sure where to choose? See on our website photos of lower eyelid tattooing from masters from all over the world. We offer to choose a specialist from your city and sign up for the procedure using

Features of lower eyelids tattoo

A tattoo on the lower eyelid emphasizes the color and shape of the eyes. Beautifully contoured eyes add freshness to the face and depth to the look. Eyes will appear larger and more attractive, especially when accentuated by professionally applied eye pigment. So that their natural size, shape and color are maximized.

Many would agree that traditional eye makeup, applied daily, looks great. However, tattooing has a longer lasting effect and a higher level of moisture resistance.

Permanent makeup benefits many people who have allergies or have trouble applying conventional makeup. It is also an additional "help" for the morning make-up, when there is very little time left for the daily face design.

In any case, before the procedure, you should consult with a specialist to help you choose a permanent makeup technique, taking into account your individual characteristics.

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