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Pink Ombre Nails 2022

The ombre technique appeared to the world a few seasons ago and is not going to give up positions. Nail art with a smooth transition of colors has won hearts with its tenderness, sophistication, originality. Fashionable technology allows you to combine several of your favorite shades at once. The gradient will appeal to most fashionistas, because it goes well with other tones of the palette.

Popular pink ombre color combinations

In the technique, the gradient can combine both contrasting colors and shades in the same color scheme. It is only important to observe the main rule - a smooth transition. Feel free to combine pink with contrasting shades. The best solutions of the season are white, black, red, blue, brown, lilac, yellow.


Black is the choice of confident girls. In 2022, black and pink nails are incredibly popular. The color combination is called universal: black looks great with any shade of pink. Pink and black ombre is attractive on both short and long nails. It is a good idea to cover the nail plate with a matte base.


In the modern nail industry, the classic combination is white and pink. Shades perfectly complement each other in the ombre technique, delighting with tenderness and romance. Draw the gradient vertically on short nails, and horizontally on long ones. Pearl rub will create a truly unforgettable effect.


The tandem of blue and pink is able to create a delicate and at the same time bright ombre manicure. Choose any shades of heaven - from pale cornflower blue to bright sea wave. The same goes for the pink shade. Apply a delicate tone reminiscent of cotton candy, lilac varnish or fuchsia - all of which can create a magical combination. You can decorate the already incomparable nail art with the help of geometric lines on one nail.

Ombre with decorative elements

The gradient effect looks attractive in a solid color. However, there are several ways to create an even more noticeable, unusual look. To this end, nail art masters use:

  • sequins;
  • pictures;
  • cobweb;
  • rub in;
  • rhinestones.


An interesting result can be obtained if you style the gradient together withsparkling shimmer. Pink color together with glitter looks solemn. The transition of the gradient is achieved by smoothly stretching the sparkles from the base to the edge of the nail plate. Glitter can be taken to match the base coat or contrasting.

With rhinestones

Decorative stones laid out on the ring finger nail will harmoniously complement the delicate nail art. This option is suitable for special occasions, parties, wedding evenings.


The trendy manicure this season is a combination of rub and gradient. Thanks to various types of rubbing, you can get unusual solutions: from delicate pearl overflows to holographic and mirror effects.

You can always find new items in the nail art industry in our catalog. Get inspired by artisans from all over the world and find the best in your city.