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Pearl Manicure Design

The rubbing technique is very loved by women of fashion due to its originality and practicality. Subtle overflows, soft shine and delicate color palette allow you to emphasize the romance and femininity of your nature. If desired, the rub can be combined with various techniques and unusual design ideas, for example, geometric patterns, pebbles or French manicure.


If you want a classic jacket, but with a "twist", it would be a great idea to decorate your ring or all fingers with pearlescent shine. This option is perfect for a bride. You can supplement nail art with shiny stones that fill the hole or edge of the nail plate.


The refinement of the already familiar ombre technique will add a pigment with a pearlescent sheen. Ombre in pastel colors, diluted with iridescent pigment, looks unbeatable. This is just one of the few combinations that does not require additions in the form of patterns or drawings. This technique looks more advantageous on long nails, since in this case more than two contrasting colors can be used. An attractive gradient on shortened nails is best done in several pastel shades.

With rhinestones

No matter how beautiful your nails are with a rub in, you can always improve this wonderful effect. Rhinestones are especially relevant in this case. The result is a very stylish and effective design, suitable for both everyday life and for an evening or gala evening. You can decorate one or two fingers with rhinestones, highlighting the tip or hole of the marigold.

Pearl pink nails

The most beautiful and delicate effect is obtained precisely on a light pink base. He not only focuses on the grace of the hands, but also makes your appearance original. Such nails will complement well a business and laconic suit at an official event, and will come in handy on a romantic date.

The pearl effect is a really stylish and original option for decorating your marigolds. It is only important to monitor the accuracy of the nails and update the work of the master in time. And you can always find fresh ideas in the pearl theme in our catalog of works.

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