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Neon orange manicure - features of a bright look

Catchy neon shades are successfully gaining ground today, replacing classic pastels and dark tones. Neon manicure is chosen not only by young people, but also by mature women, bringing rich notes to their image. Stylists highlight several acidic colors, including orange, focusing on a number of rules that must be taken into account to create a harmonious trendy look.

Neon orange nails look different in the daytime and in the evening - with the onset of dusk and in dark rooms, they glow, so you need to take this moment into account when choosing an evening look. It is important that the glowing orange blends harmoniously with the rest of the look.

Glow manicure looks best on medium to short nails. If the plates are not completely painted over, you can consider the option of decorating long nails with neon varnish.

Stylists consider orange nails and slightly tanned skin on the hands to be the ideal combination. In the cold season, when the skin brightens noticeably without constant exposure to the sun's rays, you can achieve a harmonious combination by choosing clothes of the right shade - wardrobe details in shades of blue, beige, lilac, light yellow, blue are preferred.

Types of neon orange manicure

Nail artists offer several design options for bright marigolds with an emphasis on a luminous orange shade:

French variation

Beautiful design involves a combination of transparent background coating of the plates and bright neon design of the tips. The most daring fashionistas can decide on a combination of two neon shades.

Matte manicure

Orange lacquer with a glow effect does not lose its attractiveness and brightness even when covering the nails with a matte top. On the contrary, in this design, the fingers are simply "striking" the eyes of others, so most masters recommend choosing such a design for one or two plates, leaving the rest of the nails glossy.

Gradient effect

Neon manicure looks great in a gradient technique if the main saturated shade is combined with its muted variations, beige and even white. You can also look at more unexpected contrasting feathers.


This version of manicure involves the use of graphic elements in the design, drawing with a bright shade of fragments, mosaic compositions. Also, diagonal lines separating bright and pastel colors, clear geometric shapes are relevant.

The combination of bright neon marigolds and plates covered with nude gel polish with thin lines of paintings in the Picasso style looks interesting and uncommon.

Color combinations

An excellent option for girls who prefer bold looks is a combination of an orange shade with a bright crimson, light green, deep blue or light blue color. It is best to combine tones in the form of a geometric abstraction, choosing an original design for only a couple of marigolds.

Neon orange manicure, regardless of the chosen design, will always be in the spotlight. Therefore, such a design can only be entrusted to an experienced nail art master who thoroughly knows the techniques of applying coatings and drawing on nails. Accuracy of work, the absence of imperfections is the key to a spectacular look of a bright manicure, which means that savings in this situation are inappropriate.

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