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French Nails with Glitter

French manicure, which usually consists of white tips and a glossy translucent finish on top, does not have to be white and boring. If you want to revive your French manicure with interesting and bright notes, you can do this with glitter.

Helped to gain popularity of the French glitter manicure, its noticeable sparkling brightness and uniqueness of design. If you want to dilute the French manicure with sparkles of gold, silver or bronze color, see photos with examples of work on The best nail masters have posted their work here so that you can use our site to sign up for a manicure you like with a specialist from your city.

Cool French Glitter Manicure Ideas

  • Sparkling base. A thin, shiny finish paired with bold ends for an airy and stylish look.
  • With a thick layer of sequins (rhinestones or sequins) of gold or silver, the jacket acquires an extraordinary and original look.
  • Fine, loose glitter can be applied over the entire length of the nail for a soft and interesting look. And the lines at the end of the marigold can be separated by a thin foil strip.
  • Do you know that French manicure is not only pink and white? Take the garnet red varnish. Finish off the jacket by painting over the edges of the nails with metallic gold strokes.
  • Treat yourself to rose gold. For a cute and irresistible look, use a pale pink as a base and gold foil for the tips of your nails. This combination of shades will carry the same airy breath as jewelry made of rose gold or metal.
  • French and shine. This manicure design is perfect not only for short nails, it looks great on any length. After the base coat of pink polish, all you need to do is apply a thin, straight strip of nail stickers or glitter polish to the tips.
  • Shine and reverse french. On a classic white nude, paint some sequins. Make sure they are applied to the base and not to the tips of your nails. Such a contrasting and "lively" French manicure looks gorgeous and sophisticated.
  • Are you tired of the classic jacket? Make a shiny nail art using a mix of silver sequins and small rhinestones. Add a pattern to each nail. French with design and sequins is a great solution for promevening or other celebrations.
  • Dip the tips of your nails into glitter of gold. Perhaps there are gold elements in your outfit? Or does the golden color match the skin tone better? Ask your nail technician to apply a thin layer of glitter to the edge of your nails to achieve this effect.
  • Chromed nail edge. Ready to surprise your friends with an extraordinary manicure design? The chrome edges of the nails look amazing and stylish, as if challenged by the color and texture of polished steel. You will need a special mirror powder, UV lamp and gel polish to achieve a stunning effect.

French with sequins is colorful and can ideally combine a bright palette of shades and variability of combinations. From reverse jacket to geometry, it is definitely capable of conveying mood and positive thoughts.

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