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Cow Print Nails

Cow print nails took off in 2020. You can get this lovely and cute manicure with the help of a classic tandem of white and black. Let's take a closer look at the best variations of this extraordinary nail design.

Square Neon Cow Print Nails

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Cow Print Nail Art Ideas 

This playful manicure attracts attention with its freshness, colorfulness, and diversity. This design features two basic colors: white and black. Professional nail artists' original ideas will add a sparkle to your nails.


A multicolored manicure implies adding extra colors like brown, dark red, gradient shades to a base coat. You can also combine nail polishes of contrasting (saturated, neon, pastel) or complementary (pink and blue, red and yellow) colors.


Manicurists often use stickers to create a cow pattern.


In addition to cow patches, you can also have funny nail art on your nails, such as a cute calf's face, inscriptions, stickers, floral motifs.


Cow print nails can be decorated with foil, confetti, rhinestones, beads, 3D nail accessories, and polymer clay.

Remember that you can add your ideas to the basic ones and create a new design. Another advantage of a cow print is that it looks astonishing on nails of all shapes and sizes. Long nails allow a nail technician to apply as many decorations as possible. On the other hand, short nails will look marvelous complemented by small neat spots. Observance of proportions is the key to the balance.

Matte Cow Print Nail Design 

If you're fed up with luster, try applying matte top coats. A rich velvet texture has been at the top of fashion for years. It wonderfully emphasizes the beauty of well-groomed hands and the right nail shape.

It is difficult to resist the charm of cow print. Moreover, a matte coating adds saturation to colors. It's stunning itself and creates an eye-popping effect in combination with glossy, semi-matte, or matte finishes of matching shades of ripe berries, rosebuds, fresh green, and wine. Cow print looks dazzling on a gradient base coat.

Cow print nail art is a win-win option if you want something fresh with a touch of eccentricity. Move from words to deeds! Feel free to choose an animal print that matches your nail shape, outfit, and lifestyle.

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